Losing someone important leads us to sorrow and melancholy. Instead of grieving for the loss, why don't we celebrate the bliss that these people have given us? If you are planning a celebration of life event, we have a collection of high-quality and professionally made Celebration of Life Brochure Templates. These templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, time-saving. Also, these are printable in (US) 8.5x11, and (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed sizes. Download and edit these premium templates now by signing up for our subscription plans now

What is a Celebration of Life Brochure?

A celebration of life brochure is an outlined plan of the ceremony of celebrating the life of the parted one than mourning the loss. Unlike a funeral, a celebration of life event can happen at any time of a year. This kind of celebration makes it easier for the left-behind family members and friends to cope with the loss. Since people have developed new ways of mourning for a loss, they make it more personalized, by bringing new values, choices, and ideas to the event.

How to Make a Celebration of Life Brochure?

Families still honor the legacy of their loved ones even if they died, and as part of cherishing these people, they prepare a celebration. People think of new ways of honoring the dead. They make it more unique by reflecting on the life of the departed, talking about the deceased person's hobbies, and including other important events of the person's life. If you run a funeral service business and clients ask you to make a celebration of life brochure, you can follow these steps to start one:

1. You Need to Plan

Before you can start a creative brochure, you need to have your plan first. If you work for a funeral service, you need to ask the family of the departed person about the things that they want to incorporate on the brochure. Ask about the essential details that you need to include in the program. List them all on a piece of paper, to have a guide.

2. Put the Details

You have the details on the brochure. You may provide pictures, the date of birth and death, the schedule and the location of the program, the burial, and the names of the people presiding the event. You may also include funeral poems, grief poems, death poems, the funeral order of service, the name of the person who will make the eulogy, music that they will play in the funeral program, etc.

3. Design of the Brochure

Design is an integral part of the brochure. But before you can associate any composition, you can ask the family about what theme and design they want to have. Some families would decide for a theme, and then you can follow that theme and put it on the brochure. Since a celebration of life event is a free event, meaning there is no traditional way of doing it, families can be creative. However, if your clients leave on you the responsibility of designing the modern brochure, you can search online about the celebration of life ideas that you can include in the brochure.

4. Review and Ask for Feedback

Before you print your professional brochure, you need to make sure that you edit and proofread everything. It is essential to give your clients a quality service. Once you have finished reviewing, you need to let your clients see your finished product and ask for their opinions. Let them give you comments to improve the brochure you made. Make sure that you met their satisfaction to have good business feedback from them. When done, you can now print your brochure. Make sure that you use high-quality paper to get good quality.

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