Growing up, chalkboards became one of the instruments why we learn the stuff we knew today. Without it, our teachers cannot enhance their teaching efforts. Since the invention of chalkboards became a massive hit, people use it as their unique way of advertising or to celebrate another milestone. Now, if you're looking for a ready-made chalkboard-inspired template that you can use, well, you came to the right site! Showcased below are our premium Chalkboard Flyer Templates that you can download without any hassle. Every template that you see is chalkboard-inspired, and it's perfect for any event. Feel free to edit it anytime using Apple Pages on any of your iOS devices. If you want to achieve the chalkboard-design you've always wanted, hurry, and subscribe to our editable and printable templates today!

How to Create a Chalkboard Flyer in Apple Pages

Have you ever asked yourself why blackboards are called blackboards, when in fact, they are green in color? If you're intrigued, Shaunacy Ferro, a well-known blogger, wrote an article entitled "Why Are So Many Blackboards Green?" that will provide the answers to your question. According to her 2017 article, blackboards are called blackboards because, in the early 1800s, there were only wooden boards painted with black that the teachers use so they could have something to write on. But in the 1930s, manufacturers started producing a chalkboard with a green color. Later that time, the teachers realized that the color green is more relaxing to watch all day.

Since you already know its history, its time for us to share with you the tips on how to make a chalkboard-inspired flyer with the help of Apple Pages. Keep yourself focused as we proceed to step number one.

1. Know your Purpose

Ask yourself, why are you making a flyer in the first place? Is it for a Christmas party? A BBQ menu? Or maybe a wedding announcement? Whatever your reasons are, you must know your purpose well so that you can plan the chalkboard art designs, the budget, foods as well as the content to your flyer. If you haven't decided which one you'll make, give yourself time to ponder and decide later on which type of chalkboard flyer you're needing.

2. State the Necessary Information

Since you already know your purpose, it's time for you to plan and think once more about the necessary information you need to state for your flyer. If you're creating a chalkboard flyer for the upcoming Christmas season, you need to state the event's name, time, and the date so that your readers will be guided. If there are any details you wish to incorporate, feel free to add more as long as you won't overwhelm your audiences.

3. Always Select the Appropriate Typography

Choosing typography for a chalkboard-inspired flyer is essential. The font styles must be appropriate, and most importantly, it must relate to a chalkboard that we usually see in schools or inside a restaurant. If you like, you may refer to our sample flyer templates above, for it contains the appropriate chalkboard letterings you need. If you're not satisfied with the designs or perhaps you want to incorporate the details you've planned, you may easily edit our templates using any versions of Apple Pages.

4. Save. Review. Distribute.

Saving your file in your device will help you save more time in case you're assigned to create a flyer once again. But before you save it, make sure to review it word-by-word to see if there are any discrepancies. Once you're done, you may now start printing as many copies that you want. The more copies you print, the more people can read your flyer.

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