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How To Create Editable Charts In Numbers?

Charts are tools that are used to monitor organizational or individual progress. Charts are handy, especially when you want to keep track of the growth of the process flow of your project or business plan. Here are a few tips and inclusions for you to learn how to create editable charts in Apple Numbers.

1. Determine The Essential Tasks

For you to ensure you reach your goals, you must establish the necessary objectives you will need to take to achieve it. Your charts won't give you useful information unless you include all of the activities required for a project or project phase to complete. To list all the events you'll need to take, use a work breakdown structure, especially when you need to establish the tasks.

2. Determine The Relationship Of Tasks

When you create your charts in Apple Numbers, make sure it also provides the relationship or comparison between each task in a project. Always remember that some tasks need to complete before you move on to the next one. For example, you can't maintain a normal blood pressure if you don't eat healthy food. Therefore, you will need to control your food intake and monitor your weight often. For this instance, you might want to use a bar graph to keep track of the progress and the measures you have taken in a linear presentation. You might also want to consider using a table or mainly, a Gantt chart.

3. Choose Our Well-Designed Chart Template

A well-designed chart template is when it has the x and y-axis, which makes it easier for you to plot your data. Our very own chart templates have all that for you in Apple Numbers. For you to choose a template, open your MAC or any device and launch your Apple Numbers and tap the "Export" button and tap the "Numbers template" option. Then, decide whether you want to add your template to the template chooser or send it directly.

4. Customize Your Template

As soon as you have already chosen a good template, you may already customize it. The first thing you'll need to do is to select the adjacent cells you want to chart. Then, click the charts button on the "numbers" toolbar which will then display the thumbnail menu. Click the thumbnail for the type of chart you want to work on. For you to change the default title, click the title box on the "select it" option and click it again to edit the text. Afterward, use bright colors to highlight specific details.

5. Clearly Distinguish Your Data

To make your charts easily understood, make sure to use design elements that help in presenting the similarities or discrepancies of each set of data. You may also use other file formats such as MS Excel or MS Word to make it easier for you to segregate your data from each other. Once you're done, proofread your work and save your file as a template or print immediately.

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