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How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart

Creating a seating chart is not as daunting as you think. Though you are required to follow a few steps, is it still better to be more creative than technical. Also, it pays if you will use tools that assist you in making a wedding chart like the best graphic editing application or a good word processing software. And once you get a good grip on all the things that you need, you will be ready to make your seating chart. So we made a list of steps to help you make the seating chart. Stick to our list to learn how to use Google Docs in order to produce a seating chart that's perfect for a wedding.

1. Make a To-do List; Plan Out Your Tasks

Before hassling with your task, it's always helpful to write them down and make a list. Making a checklist will help you stay on track with your work. Also, a checklist is very handy because it assists you in prioritizing your tasks. The advantage of having a list is you can always to back to it. The best way to complete your seating chart project is to stick to the checklist that you made, so you'll be guided throughout.

2. Gather All the Information That You Need

Start your list with gathering the pieces of information you will need in your seating chart. Commonly, a seating chart contains the draft of the event venue with the arrangement of seats. The seats are numbered or sometimes arranged alphabetically. Begin gathering information; start with knowing the location of the event, the number of people going, the capacity of the venue, and the names of the attendees. With these pieces of information, you are good to start the wedding seating chart.

3. Make a Draft of the Wedding Seating Chart

Before proceeding to layout and design, make a temporary draft of the chart. Preparing a draft of the chart will help you visualize the venue. Make sure that you know the space that you will be working on. From there, you can start the draft and arrange the seats accordingly. As soon as you finish, go straight to the layout and design.

4. Download a Wedding Seating Chart Template

To help you come up with the best wedding seating chart, download a template. A template will make your task easier and more convenient. Make sure to get a template from a reliable source. Though you can make a seating chart from scratch, having a template will give you a head start. Also, choose a wedding seating chart template that will relate to your event. Since you will be making a wedding seating, there are a few themes you can choose from such as rustic, beach, floral, elegant, traditional, minimalist, or simple.

5. Fill In the Template; Finalize the Seating Chart

As soon as you have a template, start filling it in. Go back to your draft and refer to it as you customize your chart. Adjust if necessary, and fit in everything in the right place. See to it that your chart relates to your theme. Once you are done with the layout and design, go over to your chart and make everything correct.

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