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How To Create a Cocktail Party Invitation in Apple Pages

Most people favor cocktail parties as a means of socializing and bonding with different kinds of people—may it be with family, friends, or with colleagues and clients. The relaxed atmosphere of cocktail events makes people want to attend it and enjoy the night away with margaritas. Organizing a cocktail event is never hard. You only need your ideas and enthusiasm to host one. To create a fantastic cocktail party invitation that your guests will surely love to keep, read the few steps below to get you started.

1. Create a Draft of Your Invitation Card

Before you start working on your card on your computer, you need to plan how it would look like beforehand to avoid consuming too much time on experimenting and deciding. On a piece of paper, you can create a draft of the card, what fonts and color schemes to add and use, and the overall layout. Not only would this help you materialize your idea, but it would also aid you when you are starting to put the elements together.

2. Pick the Right Size and Orientation for the Card

The regular size for the invitation card is 4 by 6 inches. But that is not to say that you cannot go bigger than the usual size. Still, you would need to consider whether your guests would like to bring around a bulky invitation that is difficult to slip inside their pouches or pockets. Here, you can decide if you want a single page invitation card or a folded one. Apple Pages can let you pick the right orientation style with its customization features.

3. Set the Tone With the Perfect Color and Images

Your color schemes should perfectly match the theme of the event. Cocktail parties are informal events, but there are cocktail events made for business people who are into social networking. If you are organizing the former, you can be creative using bright neon colors or pastel colors that convey merrymaking. But if you are hosting the latter, it would be best to tame down the colors and switch to cream or off-white to make it more elegant and formal. Black can be a good option too, but you have to make sure that the font styles can be seen clearly against a dark backdrop.

Photos can add visual attraction to your invitation. That is why, if you are planning to include photos in your card, choose ones that are appropriate for the event. Two of the best images that can be associated with cocktail parties are pop arts of half-filled glasses of any drink or neon-colored martini glasses. Do not be excessive with the images, though. It is best to keep to one or two and in a much smaller size that does not go against the other elements of the card.

4. Use Simple Fonts and Typography Design

If you want to make your card more pleasing to the eyes, you can use typography for your wordings. Be very careful about overdecorating as it is very easy to crowd the card with multiple unreadable fonts. Choose a typography design that can be easier to read against a myriad of colored background. Do not forget to add white spaces in between different design elements to make the details stand out, and guests won't have any difficulties in viewing it.

5. Check All Details Before Printing

Before you proceed to print your card, do a quick review of the contents of the invitation. If your cocktail party happens to be for an event such as Christmas, retro, dinner party, or client appreciation, then you would need to indicate it on your card. Afterward, check out the date and time of the party as well as the exact location of the cocktail reception. If you desire to establish a dress code for the said event, specify it so your guests are aware.

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