Cocktail Menu Pages Templates

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The first thing that customers see when they walk inside a bar or restaurant is the restaurant menu or drinking menu. That's why you must come up with a greatly-designed menu for your establishment. Do you own a restaurant, bar, or other food and drinks establishment that offers cocktail drinks? Good news! Our website offers an array of ready-made, and beautifully-designed Cocktail Menu in Pages. You can instantly download and print them in (US) 8.5x11 inches, (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches, 5x7 inches, and 4.25x11 inches + Bleed sizes. So, what's holding you up? Download a template today! To maximize your profitability and create a positive customer experience.

How To Make A Cocktail Menu In Apple Pages

Your exciting menu is the first thing that consumers will look for and see when they visit your establishment. It's where they'll base their decision of whether they should dine or drink at your restaurant or bar. According to an article in Open Table, 86 percent of diners check out the menu first online before they visit the establishment. Thus, the importance of providing a clean and beautifully-designed menu for your costumers who want to have a cocktail drink after a long day of work or to celebrate an important event. 

In designing a drink menu, some things must be considered. To help you create a simple but elegant menu for your cocktail drinks, we have created this guide on how you can make a cocktail menu in Apple Pages for Mac users.

1. Think about your Target Audience

Who are you trying to sell your drinks to? College students going out on a Friday night to celebrate the weekend? Office workers stopping by for an after-work drink? Families celebrating an important event? Check out your reports from previous months to see which people normally visit your establishment. It's important that you know who your target audience is, to come up with a marketing-wise menu. 

2. Be Creative with your Cocktail Names

Don't settle with a simple menu. Craft a creative menu. To do that, be creative with your cocktail names. Think of references, puns, quotes, etc. This will surely entertain your customers and make them even more interested in what you're serving, so take your time. Talk to others for name suggestions.

3. Include Drink Descriptions

To help customers decide and to upsell your drinks, provide descriptions for each cocktail drink. Describe them just like how you describe dishes; sweet, savory, spicy, succulent, tangy, etc. Don't forget to include the ingredients of each drink too. And make sure you list the drink ingredients starting from the main ingredient, then followed by others. Aside from that, provide the available size for each drink as well. 

4. Format the Prices Strategically

Of course, you have to provide the prices on your drinks menu. And when it comes to the price format, it should be from the most expensive up to the least expensive for a more profitable purchase. Also, don't include the dollar sign as showing them could lead to people focusing more on the price instead of the drinks, which can often lead them to choose the cheaper options. 

5. Incorporate your Theme to the Design

Last but not least, design your menu according to your establishment's theme. You can go with the usual vintage style or retro style theme for your menu, but make sure it matches with establishment's theme and ambiance. If it's Christmas, then go ahead and create a Christmas menu. Be creative. Don't be afraid to play with colors and design elements. Just make sure that you don't go overboard with your designs. Remember, your text must be easy to read, so use a simple font style.