With the emergence of digital promotion and advertisements, the use of print media is still at its peak. According to Statista, 79 percent of small business owners still use flyers and brochures as their promotional strategy. So, sure enough, you need a creative flyer to help you entice a huge crowd. To give you a hand, our Ready-Made Commercial Flyer Templates is the answer to your demands! You don't have to start your flyer from scratch. It has features that will save much of your money and time. All of it is 100% customizable, editable and are accessible in different file formats such as Apple Pages. Grab one now and make your business well-known!

How to Make a Commercial Flyer in Apple Pages

Flyers mark a significant contribution to the marketing strategies of businesses. Whether it promotes real estate, commercial property, or construction firm, it never really goes out of style. This low cost but impactful promotional material continuously boosts the brand's reputation in the business industry. Though this is a traditional way of advertising, it competes well than those of digitals. So start designing your flyer and captivate potential buyers in just a snap.
If you don't know how to create one, you can follow these steps provided below:

1. Create an Alluring Tagline

Generating a well-made tagline intrigues your potential buyers to know more of what are your services. To achieve this objective, make sure to keep your tagline short but captivating. Usually, it focuses more on the dramatic effect it can give to the buyers. It could also serve as an overview of your business. With this, it helps your brand keep its place in the market. Remember to make your catchphrase memorable instead of making it sound so fancy!

2. Work on the Content

After such, proceed with working on the wordings of your promotional flyer. It gives color and meat to your flyer. And if you find it hard thinking about what to input into it, try putting yourself into your buyer's shoes. Hence, you can ask yourself questions your buyer would inquire regarding your business. Such as what are the services you offer, who to contact for inquiries (e.g., email, telephone number, websites, etc.) or the promos and discount you have. In that you can create a great call to action in your flyer.

3. Draft a Layout

The appearance of your creative flyer connects you to your customers. The efficiency of your graphics is an indication of how well you planned it all out. In that case, draft layouts of how your flyer would look like with your designing team. As a result, you could craft a flyer that will stand out in the crowd.

4. Edit in Apple Pages

Now after drafting your layout, you can start downloading your preferred commercial flyer template. Our site offers a wide variety of beautifully-made templates, so choose one that matches well with your agenda. Next, after downloading a template, start incorporating your plan to your editable flyer. You can attach images or photos of your products or services. For instance, you are renting a house for lease, then paste photos of the house in your flyer.

5. Pick Locations for Distribution

Part of your marketing plan is choosing a location on where to distribute your material. It is an important aspect to consider as you go along with your process. Pick a crowded area where you could attract a massive amount of buyers such as malls, streets, or then paste it in a wall. And make sure that when you stick it in a wall, it is where people would likely see it.

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