How To Create A Commercial Invoice in Apple Pages?

A commercial invoice is a type of legal document issued by the supplier to the consumer indicating the amount of the imported or exported goods or services. It is one of the requirements by the customs for their reports aside from a receipt. Usually, it does not follow a particular format in writing, but it must hit the standards for it to be accepted as legal documentation of the transaction. It must embody the people involved in the purchase, the number of transported goods, terms of sale, insurance, charges, and others. It may sound complicated, but it will be possible as long as you follow these crucial steps in creating a legal and acceptable commercial invoice.

1. Download Commercial Invoice Templates

The first essential step that you need to do is download commercial invoice templates at They are specially crafted to nurture the requirement of a document for legal purposes. For your needs, we also offer invoice templates such as sales invoice, travel invoice, business invoice, and many more. Browse for more amazing templates.

2. Indicate Complete Information For Intermediaries

Your commercial invoice must include the name of both parties (individual or company), complete address, tax ID, and contact number (with country code). Sellers are termed as consignors while the buyer termed as the consignee. Also, it would be necessary to put information about the importer (intermediate consignee) if they are not the final recipient. Afterward, include the shipment details. The shipment details include the invoice number format, incoterms (terms of sale), exporting reason, shipment number, date of expert, and carrier name. Also, keep in mind that there are instances that other terms are not applicable, so disregard if necessary.

3. Describe The Products

For your products, make a checklist accordingly and input its description, the country origin, item quantity, and the unit used in measuring the item quantity. For the item description, it must include its materials and the item number (if applicable). Be sure to describe each product clearly and concisely. If you are confused as to what you need to do in describing your products, you can look at a sample online.

4. Determine The Totality

Also, fill out the item's unit value, the total cost analysis of each item, and the currency for amount calculation. If you are importing the items, include the amount you paid for it and excluded the shipping fee and other fees. If you are exporting, include the original currency amount of the items that are listed. Fill out additional necessary information such as the number of packages, total package weight, insurance cost, discounts, and other freight charges.

5. Print Your Invoice

You will likely sign your invoice after editing it at Apple Pages. Along with your signature is the declaration statement that includes your name and title. Afterward, make multiple copies of your invoice. You will also need to keep copies as it would be a requirement to be submitted in the customs.

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