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How to Create a Company Organizational Chart in Google Docs

The economic market is growing. In 2017, the global economic growth amounted to a total of 3.74 percent, which is much higher compared to 3.27 percent in 2016, according to Statista. This data proves that today's market is very potent in opening up a business. And one thing that can help them stay profitable in this competitive market is a competent management authority.

To help you streamline the internal processes and operations of the company, you need to have some functional organizational chart, otherwise called an organogram. To help you create one, we provided below some helpful guide tips. Read and analyze them thoroughly.

1. Analyze the Organization

Companies come with different types of businesses. It can be a construction company, retail, or perhaps, a manufacturing company. So before anything else, try to identify it first. Doing this will help greatly help you streamline this tedious task. For accurate results, it would be best if you'll do some research. If you don't have any prior knowledge about creating organizational charts, we suggest that you take a look first at other sample charts online.

2. Gather the Needed Data

Collect the essential details that you need for your organizational chart and arrange them in a checklist form. From their complete list of names, positions that they hold in the small business, as well as their corresponding images. Make sure that you got all of them correctly. Arrange them according to the highest-ranking position down to the lowest one and check them one by one upon integrating them in the organizational chart.

3. Draft its Structure

Picture out how you want to construct the hierarchy structure of the company and put it in a draft. Simply follow the basics and avoid overdoing it. Use shapes that are used in a typical org chart. Don't forget your connectors, and make sure that they are placed correctly. If you want to skip such a hassle process, make use of ready-made templates that can help you save more time, money, and effort. With just a little amount of editing, rest assured that you can come up with an excellent quality finish.

4. Arrange Things Logically

The goal when it comes to creating business documents like this is to make it clean and formal. To achieve this, make sure to arrange all its details logically. Don't try to be playful with your fonts and stick to legible fonts only. If possible, try to tone down on its designs and instead use them to highlight the essential points on the diagram. Applying this can be quite beneficial on your part, especially if you are going to present it in a powerpoint presentation.

5. Generate Digital & Printed Copies

Once you are done reviewing everything in the organizational chart, save a copy of it. Then, start sending out digital copies of it to your bosses and, if required, print the accomplished basic chart in durable papers for long-lasting use. Use the saved file in your next org chart-making for a lesser hassle and more convenient process.

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