How to Make a Construction Checklist?

construction checklist template

A construction checklist is a guide of the items that you need to have for construction or a list of procedures and processes that you need to do to finish the construction of certain infrastructure. It may be used in different constructions from the creation of a big building up to building a small home. A construction checklist helps in terms of the planning of things that are needed to be done on their scheduled time. It also gives more efficiency to the process of how a project is to be done. . A construction checklist can be used in different construction plans. With a checklist, the builders will be able to systematically plot the things that they need to do, how it is to be done, and when these things should be implemented for action. It is important to list down the stages that the construction will go through. So the checklist must be carefully made, and organize the tasks, like which one should be done first before proceeding to other tasks. Here's a guide to help make your construction checklist.

1. Pre-construction Phase

Making a construction checklist can be a confusing task. But before starting your construction project, all contractors clear up the location to where the construction will take place. To make it simpler, know all your dependencies and predecessors so you'll know what task will follow after the other. For example, you can't start the foundation of the building without excavating the soil. Focus on which task the construction should begin. In this phase, make material takeoff, material specifications, plans, and specifications must be done.

2. Early Construction Stage

In the early construction stage, you have to check for the accuracy of the task. In this phase, you should answer the following question: Are the walls vertical and even? Are all cut earth faces supported and cut-in? Where can this affect neighboring properties? Make a list for retaining walls, footings and foundations, drainage and plumbing, slabs, and scaffolding to check. Don't forget to monitor the progress of the construction so you'll be guided.

3. Structuring Phase

Since the construction has started, the task shall continue after its predecessor. Include the items that will start after the items that are listed in the early construction stage. These are wooden flooring, framing, brick, and block laying. Include said items in your sample checklist.

4. Interior, Plumbing, and Architectural Stage

After putting up everything, accessories and fixtures shall come next. Write down in your list the following: roofing construction estimate and roof framing, window and door installation, and plumbing fixtures. After these are painting, electrical installation, and joist and ceiling.

5. Post-construction Phase

There will be rubbish left behind by the tradespeople and subcontractors. After the construction project is done, you must dispose of everything that is not part of the project. This will also clean up the location of your project.

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