When starting a construction project, it is very imperative to have a checklist because it helps you review your activities and set your priorities straight. It can also be beneficial when acquiring and purchasing materials and manpower for your project. Have a problem with making a list? Look no further, we can help you out! Our customizable and printable Construction Checklist Template has a wide array of choices from renovation, quality assessment, to risk management! Plus, it is available in Word! Its design is made for people like you to help you save time and money. Create your checklist and start building today! 

How to Create a Construction Checklist in Word(DOC)?

A construction checklist acts as a multipurpose form for several construction tasks. It serves as a reminder for owners, contractors, and their sub-contractors about the essential things that they need to complete. Whether it is fixing a part of your home, or Real Estate, a checklist can be beneficial to follow specific priorities during the construction period. To make a checklist, here are a few steps you can follow.

1. Provide an Informative Summary and Purpose of the Checklist

In making your checklist, your first task is to write the essential information about the property is the subject. Indicate the name of the project, the starting date of the construction, location, and the name of the owner. For projects made under contractors, you need to write the name of the Contractor and their company, and the estimated Budget of the project throughout construction work.

It is necessary to write a summative description of the checklist's purpose. Here, you can emphasize what the project is all about, such as building a new establishment or residence, or a renovation of a specific part of the property. It can also be a risk assessment on roofing or electrical inspection. Knowing what the goal of the checklist is will make it easier for you to write down the specifics.

2. Make Use of Tables and Checkboxes

Next, get a table for your checklist. Tables make your list more organized, especially if you have several categories for different activities from pre-start construction until completion. When creating a table, make sure to choose the exact number of rows and columns you will need. Also, you can always insert or add a number or two of rows and columns to accommodate your list.

Providing a space for checkboxes can be beneficial to your checklist. Ticking your completed task in one linear area will make your list look more professional and arranged. If you are using a ready-made printable template, checkboxes come with the design. But, if it is not there with your template, but you still want to utilize it, feel free to edit your template and add checkboxes.

3. Enter Details and Tasks in Table

After the second step, your next move should be typing the details inside the table. If you have grouped your tasks and priorities according to their importance or by following the exact sequence of activities, you will need to write down the categories first. You can start with licensing and surveying, then groundbreaking, to building a foundation, to name a few. If it is a quality control or Safety Inspection construction checklist, it is not necessary to put categories. For these types of list, you only need to write down questions or statements. If you do not have any idea about how to go along with these steps, you can refer to sample checklists online and try to create your own with a draft.

4. Use Colors to Specify A Category

Whether your checklist is a personal one or made for business purposes, it is better to have a clear and clean one. Avoid putting Graphic Designs when you can, so that you can clear more space for your tables. But, if you want to make your checklist as lively as it gets, you can always use colors. You do not have to stare at a dull piece of paper the whole duration of the project. However, limit yourself in using one color only. It is advisable to use lighter colors where the fonts can be easily read. If you want to use a darker shade, you can adjust the color of the fonts instead.

5. Terms and Conditions

This step is applicable if your checklist needs to be submitted back to the Construction Company for review. If the list is given to the project owner for verification, you need to indicate the date when they would need to submit it back to you. Also, if your checklist has an expiry date, write it down to make it clear for both parties, owners, and contractors. Check anything, and do not forget to write the names of signatories before printing.

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