Construction sites are highly exposed to risks. The designed safety procedures and measures should be comprehensive for the people and workers in and around the site to reduce the dangers and injuries. Construct your safety reminders and rules with the use of our Construction Poster Templates. You can download these templates in any available file formats—Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Indesign (.indd), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), and Apple Pages (.pages). The range of templates we are offering, contain all sorts of safety, caution, warning, danger, and instruction sign posters. They are editable and printable and thus you only need some minutes to personalize them for your construction site. Sign-in to our page, get our PRO member and start downloading our templates. 

How to Make a Construction Poster?

construction poster template

Statista estimates that the number of employees in the construction industry from 2000 to 2017 was almost 10.7 million people in the United States. These statistics tell us that the construction sites and workers are even more exposed to danger. More people working in the construction industry, the faster the project will do, but the higher the risks. Workers should follow the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) guidelines when entering the worksite to protect them from falling debris, dust and ashes, and sharp objects from the buildings and structures on the site.

That is why we made these high-quality and informative construction signs and posters to help you with the safety of the workers. Create yours today. If you are having a hard making one, then here are a step-by-step guide and tips to help you to build a construction poster using our beautifully designed modern templates.

1. Choose a Template

Contemplate the things you need to do. Determine what lacks in your construction field or worksite. If it is a reminder or safety rule, then these posters on our site will help with that. Choose a sample template that suits the best to your needs. You can download it in any available file format of your preferences.

2. Simply Edit the Template

After you downloaded a simple template, construction plan how would you edit it. Open it first in any editing software application that is capable of editing your chosen file format. Start with the background and layout. Modify the colors in a way that your poster is highly visible and maintain the readability of the texts. Design your poster by adding some graphic designs which can make it visually communicates the messages better in ways we can't explain in words. Make sure to balance the texts and the images that complement each other. It doesn't need to be creative, but readable, and understandable contents are simple enough for a poster.

3. Make Your Texts Readable

Make sure your texts are readable for at least 10 feet away and make it short and concise. Choose the appropriate font styles, sizes, and colors that can able the workers to read a mile away. In that way, you can draw your readers' attention to read the informative message in the poster. Increasing the font size of the headers helps you determine the first thing your readers see. Using all caps, bolds, and italics also grabs attention to particular details of the information.

4. Inform Your Workers Their Safety

After designing and inserting texts to your printable poster, print it using a high-quality paper that is capable of a poster. Silk or gloss papers are a good choice. Make sure to choose the appropriate paper size too. Most posters are in A2 (594mm x 420mm), A3 (420mm x 297mm), and A4 (297mm x 210mm). Post it afterward in areas where are highly visible to workers. Make sure to check every detail before proceeding with this step.

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