How to Create a Construction Poster in Illustrator?

Data presented by The Associated General Contractors of America (ACG) states that the construction industry is a main contributor to the U.S. economy. With over a trillion worth being constructed every year, construction sites are everywhere in the country. With this, there is a need to increase the precautionary measures made by construction companies, especially in their sites. Educate people with these measures by making a construction poster in Adobe Illustrator by following the guide below. Follow the guidelines to create amazing Construction Flyers as well.

1. Setup the Poster Template

Create a new document in Adobe Illustrator and set up your desired size for the poster. Choose between portrait and landscape for the template’s orientation style. Generate a formatted poster in an instant with our Construction Poster templates above. They come with suggestive texts and designs for a print-ready Construction Poster. These contents are easily editable in Illustrator. Setup the poster template faster and smarter with us right now!

2. Draft the Poster Content

Use Illustrator’s Type tool to write words on the poster. Put in words what you intend to post. Safety measures, restrictions, under construction or Real Estate notice, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They are just some of the contents we often see at construction sites. Draft the short notes about these things. If you are using a template, rewrite or add texts as desired. Proofread when done.

3. Format the Content

Let us customize the texts and the poster itself now. Follow this sequence. Go to File, select Place, and import pictures that depict your poster content. Some posters use object clipart while others have specialized detailed images to supplement the content. Position the images(s) accordingly or as background. Set colors as the texts’ background or adjust their other settings to complement the poster images or background. Using colors makes the texts more comprehensible than using background images for the texts which Illustrator can make for you. But since our purpose is for the poster to spread a message to bypassers and even the construction workers, themselves, we will stick to a simpler text design. See for yourself if you are able to read the texts by going through the Construction poster. Adding a good Construction Graphic Design is sometimes helpful o catch the instant attention of the passers-by.

4. Post It

Since you already set the size of the poster from the beginning, you can simply save the document to an image file format of your choice. To make sure you do not waste your effort in putting up the poster, use a quality printing material. Construction sites are a place of cement, and other building materials. So to prevent the poster from being easily damaged by getting wet by rain or greased by cement, print it on the paper material used in tarpaulins. It is not easy to be torn up and can endure being wet from time to time. Station the poster where the measurements you posted are needed to be visible the most. For example, a poster saying “Beware of falling objects.” Place it outside the Construction Project site, especially if the site is near schools, malls, or public places so you can warn the students, and the rest of the public to avoid getting near the site.

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