Construction Rack Card Templates

Make Your Construction Company Stand Out from the Rest by using’s Free Printable Construction Rack Card Template with Eye-catching Professional Designs. Choose from Template Samples Online with Premade Construction Company Names, Logos, Contact Information, Title, Messages, Calls to Action, Images, Backgrounds, and Vectors that You can Edit or Customize in Minutes of Your Time. See more

How to Create a Construction Rack Card?

construction rack card template

Free Construction Rack Card Template, Printable, Download

Make potential clients prefer your construction services with a compelling advertising blitz using’s free printable construction rack card templates that can be displayed in places where your target market is located. Choose from modern or creative template design layouts with customizable professional designs that you can download and print easily on 4 x 9 cardstock paper. Make your rack card to market, advertise, and promote your construction project, civil engineering services, building, commercial, and residential home or housing sale, open house, or rental properties. 

Customize Construction Rack Card Online for Free and Download

Customize your construction rack card by choosing two-sided layouts and replacing the original content with your own. Use our graphic editor tool to incorporate your own graphic elements including your logo, vectors, backgrounds, images, colors, and layouts. Make your custom rack card to promote your construction and trucking services, construction projects, or building rental services. Download our templates for free in PNG or PDF file format. 


  • Where Do You Put Rack Cards?

      Because the aim of using rack cards are to be noticed, you have put them anywhere with high foot traffic. You can place it in popular landmarks, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, and other similar places. 

  • What Type of Businesses Uses Rack Cards?

      Rack cards can be used by whatever business you can think of. Whether it’s real estate, construction company, education, travel agency, or any business. 

  • What’s the Standard Size for a Rack Card?

      To fit on different display racks, the standard size for a rack card is 4”x 9” or 3”x 8.5.”

  • Can Rack Card Help in Food Promotion?

      Absolutely. Rack cards are not just limited to promoting a construction company; it’s so flexible that you can use it even for food promotion.

  • What are the Advantages of Using Construction Rack Cards?

      Here are some of the advantages of using rack cards:

      1. It has a lower cost. Compared to other printed marketing tools, racks cards are cheaper yet still able to function effectively.

      2. It’s an expansion of business cards. Rack cards have almost the same content as business cards. However, the former has a bigger size that allows you to display it on various display racks.

      3. It’s more specific. Rack cards give emphasis to one specific subject.

      4. It’s educational. With its short yet comprehensive content, you can share relevant facts to your target audience.