One of the best methods to advertise your business is through word of mouth. But how can you make sure that people know more about your construction company? Simple. By creating an informative material that can be displayed publicly. To help you meet this goal successfully, you can use our 100% customizable and fully printable Construction Rack Card Templates in Apple Pages. Not only do they contain original art, fonts, and images, but they are also easily editable using your MAC to ensure you create an informative and exciting rack card. Download our ready-made templates today and start building your construction business the right way!  

How to Create a Construction Rack Card in Pages(MAC)?

If you want to make your rack card as noticeable as it can be, you need to find an excellent and creative Graphic Design, as well as an outstanding location where people can easily see it. Here are some steps that will help you make an impressive construction rack card.

1. Find a Good Card Stock with the Right Size

A rack card's standard size is 4 inches by 9 inches a bit bigger than a Construction Business Card. See to it that you have a sturdy card stock with the same size so that it will be more suitable for you to adjust the content. Also, printing is easier when you have the materials fitted accurately.

2. Utilize Your Company Colors as Backgrounds

If you want to be unique in your branding, it is better to use a background color that represents your Construction Company. Colors are known to influence a customer's perception of a brand, so choose them wisely.

3. Apply Typography in Texts

Highlight essential words in your rack card by applying the art of typography in your content. Pair up fonts that complement each other, and adjust your font sizes according to the text hierarchy.

4. Take Advantage of Excellent Photographs

Well-taken photos are always an enticing addition to your rack card. If you do not have decent pictures to include in the design, you might want to engage in the services of professional photographers. Hire them to take photos of your construction company, employees, or Construction Projects.

5. Incorporate Contact Information

The purpose of your rack card is to provide people with details about your company. Always remember to provide readers with your contact information to let people communicate and locate you easily. Write down your telephone and mobile number, include your Construction Letterhead as well as your email address and social media accounts.

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