Being a self-taught entrepreneur is not enough to sustain a business. Entrepreneurs usually seek advice from experts to gain insight on how to lead their business towards success. If you're the type of expert who's job is to give advice to business people, then you should know how important it is to promote your services effectively. While there are many ways to promote a business, one of them is through the use of flyers. Here, we have a collection of ready-made Consultant Flyer Templates in Pages that you can download. These templates are high-quality and easily editable, pick one and download it to get started.

How to Make a Consultant Flyer in Apple Pages

Businesses are constantly keeping up with technology in terms of advertising and marketing strategies. But even with these changes, the use of flyers is still proven effective in getting the message across. Consulting firms can promote their services through flyers as long as they keep the content relevant. Refer to the steps below to find out how.

1. Make an Outline

Starting out with an outline can greatly help in creating a flyer and minimizes the risk of having to start over again. This is because having an outline enables you to determine which contents are and aren't relevant in your flyer.

2. Set the Mood

By knowing who you're advertising to, you'll have a better idea of how to create your business flyer. Also, identifying your target audience will help you know what type of mood to incorporate into the content and design. Just make sure this mood is something that's appealing to your intended audience.

3. Keep Your Content Interesting

In relation to the previous steps, it's important to keep your content concise yet interesting for your readers. In the case of promotional flyers, the content has to be brief that a reader can comprehend it in just a matter of minutes.

4. Include a Catchy Statement

Just like any other advertising material, your flyers need to have an element that's able to attract readers instantaneously. You can do this by simply adding a short yet catchy header or tagline to your flyers. When doing so, make sure to enlarge and thicken the font to emphasize it.

5. Use an Appropriate Font

Another thing that's important when creating professional flyers is the type of font you're using. Don't make your readers struggle in going through your flyer's content, be sure to pick a font type that's not only readable but also appropriate to the message you're conveying.

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