One of the challenges of being a consultant is getting new clients. It's difficult because you'll be working for their business as an external or third-party entity. Businesses don't easily trust third parties who want to work for them, even if they come from esteemed consulting service agencies. As a consultant, you have to earn the trust of the clients. Being a part of a well-known agency isn't going to cut it. You also have to convince clients of your competence through a comprehensive consulting proposal.

Writing a consulting proposal is your key to expanding your clientele. In it, you should explain your methods, how you deliver results, and how your services can help the clients' company. And on top of that, you must also introduce your agency to the clients. Writing all of that takes time—time that you may not have due to your busy schedule. That's why you should consider using our Consulting Proposal Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages. These ready-made proposal templates contain well-written drafts that are engaging to read. All it takes is a few edits and customization, then you'll have a perfect consulting proposal format. With these templates, you no longer have to start from scratch.

Sooner or later, you'll be working on a new project with a new client. That'll mean new discoveries, fresh learnings, and more growth on your behalf as a consultant. You'll be making your consulting agency proud and more reputable. So, start writing your consulting proposal now with our templates! You might also like our Proposal Letter Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages.

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