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How to Make A Coupon In Apple Pages?

Printed coupons or electronic coupons are basically tickets distributed by businesses to their target market. The target market may redeem the value of the coupons by giving them back to the business to avail their products and services at a discounted price. According to, through discounts, businesses can increase their sales because of the traffic their products and services receive. And another great way to maximize sales is through referral coupons, according to the Marketing Science

Coupons can take many names. It depends on what a business is promoting. Here in, we a variety of blank coupon templates that might be what you need. Moving forward, if you prefer to create one in DIY style (e.g., homemade Christmas coupon), we have gathered a few tips that might help you.

1. Analyze Your Adversaries

One of the best methods to outperform your adversaries is to familiarize their moves. So do the same thing in the coupon distributing race. What you must do is try to gain information on how frequent your adversaries distributes coupons to your shared target market, and try to find out how it works to their advantage. If you can do it, obtain any of their discount coupons.

2. Improve The Coupon's Aesthetic Quality

A coupon must have an image or an eye-pleasing color scheme for it to be eye-catching. Make sure to choose a design pattern that fits well with what the coupon is selling or promoting. For instance, if you're creating a food voucher or food coupon, then it must have a red and orange color scheme. Red and orange have been theoretically known to trigger appetite. According to an article in, Mcdonald's use of the color red is a contributing factor to their success. Because of that, other fast-food restaurants also use red, such as Wendy's and Jack in the Box.

3. Be Informative About The Value

The texts that convey the coupon's value is the most important info on it. It's the information that grabs the attention of the market. To achieve this, what you must do is enlarge and capitalize on its font style. Remember to also add the various addresses of your branches, together with their operating hours, contact numbers, and email address. You can encode them at the back portion of your printable coupon.

4. Implement A Reasonable Expiration Date

Coupons must have an expiration date to entice consumers to redeem it as soon as possible, regardless if it's a sample coupon or a high-value coupon. This is very important if your coupon is a seasonal coupon, such as a Christmas coupon. With an expiration date, the coupon holder will be enticed to redeem its value as soon as possible.

5. Use Apple Pages

According to an informative forum in, Apple pages is a much better option because it's elegant, simplified, and has the right tools for any document such as coupons. Plus, you can also open Apple Pages files in other platforms such as MS Word, if the need arises.

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