COVID-19 is a highly infectious strain of coronavirus, making it a very dangerous threat to human life. In order to prevent the spread of this deadly disease, people must take precautionary measures seriously and properly observe them. One effective method of promoting this is by utilizing posters. So, if you need your own informative media for combating this infection, incorporate our COVID-19 Poister Templates. Encourage awareness in public areas or office space with our professional content; available in a selection of file formats. Plus, you can pick between A3, A4, and US letter sizes. Download today--promote hygienic practices or show appreciation for medical workers through our easily editable poster samples.

What Is a COVID-19 Poster?

The Houston Chronicle states that posters are a versatile type of promotional media, coming in a plethora of sizes and useful for all kinds of places (such as a school or workplace).

On the subject of COVID-19 in particular, posters can inform people of things like the disease’s symptoms, how to prevent its spread, and what to do in case of infection.

How to Make a COVID-19 Poster

If you’re not sure where to even start with making a COVID-19 poster, then simply read through our tips found just below.

1. Your COVID-19 Poster’s Size

To begin, you should decide on how big of a size you want your prints in. Posters come in a wide array of sizes, which can be anywhere from 16x20 inches to 36x48 inches. A good way of determining what you need is by thinking about the exact purpose of the poster, along with the intended surface(s) for sticking them on and the planned areas for displaying them in.

2. Your COVID-19 Poster’s Function

So, we already know that your poster is for content about COVID-19. But what type of content exactly? Is it for providing preventative health tips? Are you mentioning facts about how the virus functions?

By familiarizing yourself with the poster’s intended use, you can better figure out what kind of visual media gets prepared for its appearance. Plus, you’ll have a better understanding of how you’re composing the poster’s written content.

3. The Imagery in Your COVID-19 Poster

Part of using a poster in the first place is catching the interest of onlookers by means of appealing or interesting visuals. However, for this to work, said visuals should be suitable with the tone and content in your poster. So, when preparing photos, artwork, etc. for your COVID-19 poster, always think about what you’re aiming for.

As an example, let’s say the poster contains kid-friendly instructions on washing your hands. To get a child’s attention, incorporate fun and colorful vector art accompanied by pleasantly designed cartoon characters performing each step.

4. The Writing on Your COVID-19 Poster

For a COVID-19 poster, there’s a slew of various information you can write about--like how to seek medical aid or what makes viruses different from bacteria. But whatever it is that you’re drafting, remember that presenting something in a concise and digestible manner is another element that makes posters good as promotional material.

And so, with our simple yet comprehensive tips, you’re now well-armed for creating an effective COVID-19 poster. Finally, if you want printable resources for your poster design, then do consider our COVID-19 Poster Templates.

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