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How to Make Credit Documents in Numbers?

Create all sorts of credit documents that are of good quality following the simple steps below. Although different credit transactions require different credit documents, the following steps are generic, thus intended for all types of credit documents that you are going to create. So, start creating your document now with these steps as your guide.

1. Establish Your Purpose

For every credit card transaction, there is always a corresponding credit document that you will be needing. For example, when you grant permission to a bank or another trusted party to charge your credit card for a period of time, you need to provide a credit card authorization form stating the terms and conditions as well as the period of time covered for the specific permission. There are many other credit documents involved in different credit transactions, such as credit transfer form, business credit application, credit report, among others. So, to identify the type of credit document that you need to create to satisfy your needs, you must first establish your purpose. You can ask the following questions: What is this document for? Who is the recipient for this document?

2. Identify the Elements for that Specific Credit Document

Once you have established your purpose, you can now identify the elements for that specific credit document. Continuing the example above, the basic elements that you need to include a credit card authorization form include credit card account information such as card type, name on card, card number, and expiration date, merchant's business information, cardholder's billing address, name and signature of the cardholder, and date. Note that the elements will vary from one credit document to another.

3. Provide the Details

Now that you know what are the elements that must be present in your document, it is time to fill out the details. Again, to continue the illustration, for the credit card type, you can fill up the specific type of card, which can be MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and any others. For the merchant's business information, you must know the business name, address, and contact details of the other party. You can fill up all other personal details, but just make sure that they are complete and correct.

4. Organize

Organize the details of your document in an elegant and formal way by first presenting the heading or title of your specific document, then your details, credit transaction information, details of the other party, notes, among others. Again, ensure correctness and completeness of the information you provided even if your document is a formal or informal one.

5. Save and Print or Share

If everything is good and fine, save a copy in the local drive of your device because this might be useful for your similar transactions in the future. You can print a hard copy if you want to send a physical, printed copy to your recipient or you can mail the document electronically if you want to send a digital copy.

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