Designer Business Card Word Templates

Template.Net Has Numerous Of Templates That Can Be Found On Template.Net With Designs Such As Game Designs Layout, Business Card Designs, Different Card Sizes For Any Occasions, And Much More. By Using The Templates That You Can Find On The Website, You Can Easily Edit To Customize It To Your Preference, Download, And Print.See more

A business card does not only hold your contact information and the company’s, it is also a common tool used to represent your brand. Your card generally speaks about your business, so you need to be extra particular if you are planning to have one.

In this digital age, you might ask, is a business card still important? The answer is absolutely yes! Even online entrepreneurs, bloggers, video content creators, and influencers have one! It may sound so old school considering everyone is using the internet to send and receive information and everyone can just send an email or chat their contact details to the recipient, but calling cards are still unarguably the best way to create connection, market your business, and create a first impression.

We at believe that reaching out your business card to someone, making eye contact, and engaging in actual conversation with them is better than placing a link on your social media bio or sending it through email or through messenger. Which is why we have gathered our most popular contact cards in one page so you can choose your design and pick the one that would best represent your personality.

Browse through our simple but modern templates and click on your desired layout for your card. Download your template in Microsoft Word to edit. Customize it according to your concept. Be creative, add your logo to make it more appealing, but keep it professional. All our templates are printable, so make sure to print hundreds of copies before you run out of cards!