Considering the strict demand of employers for design quality and output in the industry today, you, as a future graphic designer, must align your resume's presentation to the standard qualification. Are you aiming to apply yourself for the position of graphic designer near your area? Then, consider this offer as your starting point. We gathered below a wide variety of Graphic Designer Resume that you can use for your upcoming job application. Since we've programmed our templates with ready-made access, all of them are guaranteed editable and printable for you to use. Plus, they are also downloadable and accessible on your smartphone or PC devices. Download now!

How to Create a Graphic Designer Resume in Microsoft Word

With the estimated employment availability projection of 299,000 in the year 2028, the demand for graphic designers to the market industry is undoubtedly thriving. There's a gathered statistics by IBISWorld that at the end of 2019, the industry is expected to increase at around 2.7%—this would estimate to $14.8 billion of revenue.

Getting into the industry of graphic design is not a problem for you, especially if you have the qualifying achievements, experiences, and a well-compelling graphic design resume. Are you eyeing to be one? Well, lucky for you, we've gathered below simple steps on how you can start creating a resume of your own.

1. Do a Research

Unlike a letter-style resume document wherein you have to be particular in your format, a graphic designer resume needs you to be distinct terms of its aesthetic layout, for it also serves as a sample portfolio of your potential employers. However, this is where the challenge comes in. You need to create your resume document without overriding the borderline of showcasing your creativity and style over your professionalism. With this, it is a need for you to research various sample resume references, particularly for graphic designers that will guide you on how you can start it.

2. Gather your Vying Credentials

Your resume must embody a strong and lasting impression upon submitting it to your future employer—this fact is distinct in almost every resume document. Thus, collecting the detailed credentials aside from personal information that would vie you to the graphic designer position is essential for you. If you are applying as a fresher, your prior educational background are the base foundation on your resume, on the other hand, applying for the higher position requires your previous job experiences and achievements.

3. Pick a Software Program

Since creating a graphic designer resume requires a heavy load of a layout process, choosing the right software program that will cater to you the best tools is essential for you. Picking the advanced software for your resume creation like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator is your best resort to achieve a compelling resume artwork, especially if you want to incorporate vector art. But, you can also choose to utilize applications like MS Word or MS Publisher if you wish to access a resume template.

4. Transfer your Resume Content

With the use of your chosen software, you can now organize your resume content into the digital layout. Plot the essential resume content that would complete your document, such as the name, address, and contact details. Then, complete the process by transferring your gathered vying achievements, credentials, and experiences right after the personal information. Here's a tip, as much as possible, keep your resume's content brief and concise. It is best if you have it through a one-page resume.

5. Aesthetics is the Key

Again, you need to remember that your resume is one of your opportunities to showcase your quality and creative style as a designer. With this, you need to make your resume more personalized. Create your graphic designer resume wherein you can exhibit your expertise in the field. Although you can choose to have a resume design that is minimal black and white, it is best if you should pick the right color that would effectively entice the interest of your potential hiring officer. Furthermore, after determining your design, you can now start creating a formal cover letter.

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