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What is a Dog Identification Card?

A dog identification card is a helpful piece of document that identifies a dog and its owner's basic information. Dog/pet ID tags are a fast and easy way to contact the dog owners in times of emergencies, like when the pet gets lost or astray. These kinds of IDs are not just mere fashion accessories for dogs, they serve a great purpose in protecting the welfare and safety of service dogs, emotional support dogs, police dogs, and even regular dogs.

How to Make a Personalized ID Card for Dogs?

We can't deny that there are so many people out there who want to give an identification document to their dogs. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 80% of pet owners in the United States believe that it is essential that animals/pets should always bear an identification.

Creating a personalized ID card is simple, quick, and inexpensive. Read through the suggestions below for more insights:

1. Choose an Editing Application

If you want to make a service ID card for your dog, start with choosing an easy editing application for your design project. The editing application enables you to explore more design ideas that will eventually end up in a pleasing result. Familiarize yourself with the tools and the shortcuts of the editing platform and start making your personalized dog ID card.

2. Gather the Necessary Data

An ID is different from a tag. A creative ID, however, is a document that contains specific information like the dog's breed, handler, role or designation, ID number, terms, and conditions, etc. As a responsible owner, you have to get this information and place them on the card. Conduct research on certain regulations and rules that should be met within your state on how to handle dogs and other domesticated animals.

3. Place the Dog's Profile Image

The ID should come with the dog's profile image for better identification. A high-quality image will really show the facial features and color of the dog. The profile images can be taken by a professional photographer or you can take them yourself through the use of a high-quality camera.

4. Input Some Security Features

Security features like bar codes and ID numbers can also be added to the layout. When the dog is a service dog who answers to the emotional and medical alerts of a certain patient, state the medical condition so that other people will be aware of the situation.

5. Arrange Everything and Review

Proofread the overall content after placing all the necessary information and components into the printable ID. After a careful review, finalize the design and proceed to print. Go to the nearest print shop and hire them to print the ID for you. If you opt to print the ID using your own printer, make sure to print them in good paper stock.

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