How to Make Email Newsletters in HTML

Email newsletters are a great digital marketing strategy, and we'll teach you how to make one that's capable of converting leads to customers. To get started, check out the list of easy-to-follow instructions below on how to pull off a cool and unique email newsletter in HTML.

1. Identify the Purpose of your Email Newsletter

First and foremost, try to ask yourself, "What do I intend to achieve with my email newsletter?" The answer to this serves as the purpose and should drive you in making your email newsletter. An email newsletter can serve one or more of the following purposes: to generate leads, to get contacts, or to draw traffic to a website. Lastly, the purpose of your email newsletter should be connected to the overall goal of the business.

2. Start Gathering Content for your Newsletter

Only after identifying what your email newsletter is for will you be able to determine what content you need for it. For this step, you will need to start gathering what you need to build the content of your marketing newsletter, and you can do it either actively or passively. Active gathering refers to digging through the internet to look for specific content while passive gathering refers to simply stumbling across information that you didn't know you needed.

3. Decide on the Size of your Email Newsletter

When creating email newsletters, part of the process is deciding how big it should be to get the reader's attention. Typically, an email newsletter comes with a width of 600 px, you can use any value for the height as long as it doesn't distort the content. However, if you think 600 px is not enough, you can go with a larger size but not too large that it'll take readers to scroll for more than a second to get the information they need.

4. Create the Actual Email Newsletter

Now that you've figured out the purpose of your email newsletter, gathered the information for the content, and decided on a size, you can start creating it. Since you're trying to pull off an email newsletter in HTML, you will need to use Notepad or TextEdit, depending on your operating system. Start building the design and then add the body content afterward. Once you're done making your email newsletter, you can then convert it to HTML.

5. Check if you're Legally Compliant

Before you can even start using your email newsletter, make sure that it won't get you or your business into trouble from a legal point of view. There are two laws that you should take note of to see whether or not your email newsletter is legally compliant, and these are CAN-SPAM and GPDR. CAN-SPAM involves allowing the recipients to unsubscribe anytime while GPDR is more comprehensive and involves sending email newsletters only to people who subscribed to them.

6. Test your Email Newsletter on Different Platforms

What looks great in Gmail might look bad in Outlook and Mailchimp, or what looks fine ion Chrome might look like a mess in Safari. These are very likely to happen since different platforms have their own way of interpreting code, which is why you should always test them out in different email service providers and web browsers. If you're including links to your newsletter, also check if they're responsive enough.

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