The use of emails has been an effective strategy for marketing and business industries in promoting their company and products. This builds trust and loyalty from their potential clients. Furthermore, it is used for campaign purposes to create a wide awareness for the public. In 2017, recorded data shows a massive global increase of email users with about 3.7 billion people who receive and send emails per day. Therefore, if you plan to campaign your company and advertise your product through emails, you can use our editable email ad templates in HTML. Since it’s 100% customizable and easily editable, it will present better opportunities for your business. We ensure effective content and assure 100% satisfaction with every template on our website. Don’t wait too long and download any of our editable email ad templates in HTML now!

What Is an Email Ad?

An email ad is short for electronic mail advertising and is a type of marketing strategy done via email whereby the recipients choose to opt-in so they may receive any promotional messages from the sender. This strategy remains one of the most profitable and cost-effective of all especially with the rise of SEOs, social media, and mobile marketing. It is prominently used by real estate companies and other business companies to promote their products such as clothing, goods, or fashion.

Email ads are the good and fastest ways to better promote your business by increasing email users worldwide. In fact, a survey made in 2017 shows that 19% of email users in the US checked their emails every day, and this is expected to rise with the projected 4.3 billion people by 2022.

How to Make Email Ads in HTML

By using Microsoft Outlook, your messages can be formatted in three different types: plain text, rich text, and finally, HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Through HTML, the text is formatted and images are added. Here, we will give you a few tips on why you have to make email ads in HTML to promote and advertise your business. By using our editable email ad templates, you will surely reach the targeted audience around the world without hassle.

1. Consider Using Templates

Email ad templates give you ease in creating your own email ad in HTML. With these, you don’t have to start from scratch whatsoever because they already come with a design that you can easily edit using the appropriate tool. Simply click the “Start Downloading” button and save the templates you love on your computer for use anytime you want.

2. Avoid Inserting Potential Malware Code

This increases your chances of properly delivering your HTML email to the potential users without being blocked or quarantined by the spam blockers. So be sure not to insert any malware code in all your HTML email ads.

3. Use Your Gmail Account

Three years ago, Gmail had over one billion active users who sent and received emails every day. Statistics show that from January 2012 to October 2018, Google’s email service had reached almost 1.5 billion active users. These statistics alone are enough to show you that the use of your Google mail account would definitely help you deliver your promotional messages instantly.

4. Follow the CAN-SPAM Act

Usually, email ads will include download, subscribe, or donate buttons. Just like business brochures, these buttons serve as a call to action to encourage recipients to take action after receiving the mail. However, you have to strictly follow the policies set forth by the CAN-SPAM Act to prevent your emails from being labeled as spam messages. Through this Act, the recipients who would want to receive promotional messages must give their permission first to avoid spam messages.

5. Provide the Best Headline

Whether it's promotional flyers, posters, or any type of marketing material, a catchy headline is very important. A headline serves as the attention-grabbing element and chances of attracting an audience are less if your ad doesn't have a headline. If you do make a headline, you can either ask a question, provide a solution, or add humor while conveying relevant information.

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