In time where the demand for production is progressing, often we forget to thank our workers. The more output is prioritized, the more frequent we overlook excellence and outstanding employee performance. A simple “thank you” will do no harm. And in making this day special for a hardworking individual, explore through our Ready-Made and 100% customizable Employee Appreciation Certificate Templates in Illustrator. Extend your gratitude by downloading these files in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed size. Now, it won’t take too much time to show appreciation. So, make an employee happy. Download, customize, and print a template today! 

How to Create an Employee Appreciation Certificate in Illustrator

Have you been to the same company over the past decade? According to Statista, U.S employment in 2018 reached 155.76 million. With this vast population, it is imperative to recognize excellence, achievement, and employee performance. Aside from that, appreciating the service of every individual employee should not be overlooked. A lot of employees always ensure to meet the expectations of every company. And as a return ticket, giving rewards is necessary. Gratitude should always reciprocate. That is why employee recognition should matter most. A simple “thank you” always create a big difference. And if you are planning to extend an award of appreciation to your employees, giving certificates make things extra special. Certificates serve as a motivation for employees to maintain outstanding performance. Now, improve employee confidence by creating an Employee Appreciation Certificate in Illustrator. Below are steps that you can follow.

1. Gather Enough Information

What you gather impacts the whole output. And to get started, get all the information ready. First, you have to know your purpose in creating one. There is a certificate for volunteer work.But, it could also be for an employee performance award. Second, know the recipients and certification authority. Lastly, determine the necessary details to be incorporated in your certificate. In gathering the information, always observe accuracy in terms of spelling and grammar. Now, create the final list.

2. Get Your Certificate Template Ready

Once the information is finalized, start with the tricky yet fun part. In doing the visuals, you can begin with a blank document. Bad it prose its disadvantages in eating too much of your time. The good thing is, you can have a pre-made template. This won't consume too much time. You can explore our selections of the Employee Appreciation Certificate Templates. Just download a template with a theme that complements your company logo. Now, customize using Illustrator. Do this by dragging your template to the program.

3. Add the Certificate Details

Whenever the layout is ready, start jotting down the most basic elements. For award certificates, this includes the essential details; presentation line, name of organization or company, description, and date. Presentation lines are the typical main headline. Make sure it is located right above the name of the recipient. Below the recipient is the description. Complete it by writing the date, venue, and a short message of gratitude.

4. Write Down the Recipients

For an essential part, this is where you incorporate who the award is given to. Complete an achievement certificate by writing the complete name of the awardee. Errors in the spelling of the name are typical. But you have to avoid that. So, you have to make sure to input every letter correctly. Or else, it could connote to another person. Now, use easy to read font style. And since the name is the highlight, you have to observe the proper sizing of the font.

5. Finalize and Make a Staff Happy

Avoid errors and mistakes. Now, off to the last part, finalize the certificate by checking the design elements. Generally, you do not need to be as creative when making an award certificate. Keep it as simple as possible. But you have to check the proper placing of patterns, borders, and logo. Put the logo at the topmost part of the document. Now, let someone else do the rechecking for you. And if it is approved, time to make an employee happy!

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