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Make Different Kinds of Entertainment Magazines Online with Professional Designs from’s Free Entertainment Magazine Templates. Choose from Template Samples with Magazine Covers, Images, Graphic Elements, Content Lines, Backgrounds, and Content Pages that You can Edit, Customize, and Print in Minutes.See more

Free Entertainment Magazine Template, Printable, Digital, Download lets you easily create an entertainment magazine for all forms of entertainment genres with our free printable and digital entertainment magazine templates in minimalist, creative, or modern layouts with original content included. Easily create entertainment magazine designs, magazine covers, or kids, seniors or music entertainment magazines in weekly or monthly publications.

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Create your own design inspiration, ideas, and examples by choosing a blank template sample that you can customize with our graphic editor tool. Add your own photos, images, illustrations, vectors, colors, backgrounds, layouts, and relevant content to complete your entertainment magazine’s designs. Make magazines for film, fun and games, sports, news, or kids’ interests. Download your free template in PDF or PNG file and print or share it digitally.


  • What are the advantages of publishing magazines?

      Publishing magazines allow for the spread of information. It also serves as an essential medium of entertainment. By covering stories, it spreads awareness and brings attention to where it is most needed.

  • How are newspapers and magazines different from each other?

      Newspapers are daily publications that deliver the latest news. Magazines, however, cover stories that are not necessarily recent. It seeks mostly to deliver complete knowledge about the subject it is discussing.

  • What makes a good magazine?

      1. A good magazine has interesting topics to discuss
      2. It has a collection of visual materials that can evoke a reaction from readers.
      3. It reflects current events and trends.
      4. It brings attention to where it is needed most.
      5. It is credible and trustworthy.
  • What tools are readily available for creating magazines?

      1. Microsoft Word
      2. Google Docs
      3. Apple Pages
      4. Adobe Indesign
      5. Adobe Photoshop