Event Ticket Pages Templates

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Tickets don't just confirm someone's entry to an event. They represent what the event is all about and set the tone too. Haven't you made one for your upcoming event yet? No need to worry. Our website offers Event Ticket Templates in Apple Pages. With these downloadable, editable, printable, and customizable templates, it's easier and faster to create an attractive entry ticket for your event-goers. You can get these in 2x5.5 and 5.5x2 inches with Bleed. Entice and excite more people to come to your upcoming event. So, hurry and download our event ticket templates today!

How To Make An Event Ticket In Apple Pages

In the event ticket market, an annual growth of 6.5 percent in revenue is expected from 2020-2024, according to Statista. This goes to show how many people enjoy going to concerts, music festivals, art shows, and other types of events. Now, if you're tasked to do an event, you know that you need to create tickets for entry purposes. But, it shouldn't only be for that matter. You have to understand that a ticket not only represents what your upcoming event is about. It can also set the tone of your event. Thus, you must create a striking one.

Below is a guide on how you can create a striking event ticket in Apple Pages.

1. Choose a Ticket Format and Size

Understandably, you have to choose a ticket format and size before anything else. The stub on the top, stub on the bottom, stub on the right, or stub on the left? 1.97" x 5.63" inches or 5.5" x 2.125" inches? Remember, the size you choose must have enough space to cover all the information you wish to input.

2. Pick a Design Template

Once you've selected a format and size, pick a design template. You should use a ready-made design template, so you don't have to create your ticket from scratch, which can be time-consuming. For this, we present to you our wide array of Modern Ticket Templates, which you can download, print, edit, and customize in Apple Pages with ease. Browse through our options and select the one that suits your preference.

3. Personalize the Design

You have the option to change the design in the template or remain it as is. But to make it more personal, change the designs, e.g., the images and color, according to your event and preference. For instance, it's a music concert. Change the image provided to a photo of the band or the singer performing. For a sports event, you can provide images of the players. Do as you please, but make sure you don't go overboard with the design elements and color.

4. Provide the Complete Details

You're almost there! After making your design layout, it's now time to supply your template with the important details. This includes what the event is all about, the guests (if applicable), the location, time and date, and any special request, e.g., the attire details or things to bring. Also, don't forget to provide your contact details and website (if there is one) for questions and other concerns. Keep your message clear and short. Use a simple, bold font for the text so that it's readable.

5. Preview and Print

After you're done making your admission ticket, go over each detail to finalize everything. Have this check by others. Fresh eyes can spot mistakes and errors easier, and they can even provide you with suggestions. Then, save and print your final output. Make sure you print this on a sturdy and high-quality paper that doesn't get ripped easily.