Set conditions that will help the business organization succeed and become more stable; this role is the primary function of executive professionals. As the market continuously grow, accompanied by the emergence of more business competitors, the demand for strategic and visionary leaders is projected to get higher. If you possess all the vying credentials required for the job title, then you might as well try your chances. So, are you ready to take on this big challenge? Create your application in a heartbeat with the use of our ready-made and high-quality Executive Resume Templates in Apple Mac Pages. All of these files contain well-written suggestive contents and are all printable in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed size. Conveniently create your personal advertising document by downloading our templates today!

How to Make an Executive Resume in Apple Pages

Have you ever wondered how the CEOs or managers handle big corporations? For sure, it is not an easy task to do. Fulfilling its duties demands so much time, which is why acquiring this job role can be quite a challenge. According to Harvard Business Review, 50 to 60 percent of senior executive leaders fail to perform their roles within the first 18 months of the job. Some identified reasons as to why they fail are due to poor execution and the lack of skills or experience when faced with tough strategic challenges.

Securing your employments for this job title starts with a well-written resume. A document that details the executive summary of your vying credentials and qualifications. Listed below are some helpful tips on how you can come up with a modern and creative one.

1. Start with your Career Objective

Did you know that not all resumes are read? Eventually, for a resume to be read, it has to get noticed first. One thing that can make it noticeable is a strong and imposing career summary. Generally placed on top of the resume, a career summary outlines your skills and experiences that are relevant to the job title you are applying to. Do some research on how you should write it to make it appear more functional on your resume. This part doesn't necessarily have to be long, keep it accurate and direct.

2. Integrate Colors

Your resume doesn't necessarily have to be too dull and boring. Add some life and interest in it by integrating some colors. This will make the resume stand out from a pool of conventional ones that the recruiters are receiving daily. However, you also have to tone down your color designs a little bit. Keep your designs relevant to the job you are applying to. Let's say you are applying for corporate office roles like sales executive or account executive, then your resume's design should also look formal.

3. Know What to Include

In creating resumes, always follow the golden standard; keep it short but sweet. To attain this, then you must determine what you should only write down in your resume. There are three categories that you should not miss out, your contact information, educational history, and work history. Focus on these three first. And if you have finalized them, try to look at other credible sample resumes online that you can take reference from. Jot them down in notes and decide whether they are needed in your executive resume.

4. Use Strategic Format

Don't complicate the task of hiring managers by making your resume easy to read and scan. Avoid cluttering too much text on one portion of your resume and maximize all the given spaces. If you want to make it more concise, then be extra careful when it comes to organizing its sections. Use headings and bullet points so that its corresponding sections and relevant points can easily be identified.

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