With its bronze and chestnut shades of fallen leaves and shorter days, who doesn't find the fall season romantic? It's one of the perfect seasons to exchange vows and gold rings! So, why not invite your guests to your wedding day with this dreamy collection of Ready-Made Fall Wedding Invitation Templates in Publisher! These are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable. These are available in 4x6 Inches, 5x7 Inches + Bleed. These templates can turn your fall wedding memorable! Don't miss these templates! Download now and take your guests to your most romantic journey!

How to Create a Fall Wedding Invitation in Microsoft Publisher

Weddings are one of the most awaited times for couples to unite for a lifetime. So, most couples prepare carefully for their wedding to turn out to be the best one. According to Statista, approximately 2.24 million people were married in the USA in 2017. With so many people getting married and are going to be married, some couples deviate from plain and ordinary wedding themes to be different. To add, one of the popular themes that some couples choose is the fall wedding. The fall season is the season when the trees' brown leaves fall from them, and the days are shorter. If you've chosen this season as the theme for your wedding, you have to incorporate it into your fall wedding invitations.

Don't worry because we'll help you! Here are some tips that you can follow in making a fall wedding invitation:

1. Keep the Theme on the Invitation

One of the roles of wedding invitations is to give the guests an idea about what the wedding is about. So, you have to transmit your theme to the event invitation. People should see that your main theme is the fall season and not other themes. Your wedding shouldn't be a guessing game, but it should speak about your wedding.

2. Include a Photo(s)

Images are amazing additions to your invitations. However, you can skip this step if you don't want to incorporate any images into your marriage invitations. But if you want, you can add photos related to the fall season. These pictures can be leaves, flowers, or others. Also, you have to choose beautiful images so that they fit your elegant invitation and wedding ceremony.

3. Write an Invitation Wording

Even when the invitations are in the form of writing, it's still communication. You're speaking to your guests through the pieces of cards. You need to write your marriage invitation message on them. Mostly, weddings are formal occasions. This is why you have to compose formal phrases for your wedding card wording. You have to make sure that your wording will sound inviting and appealing to your guests. You need to know what kind of tone you want your formal invitation to have. This is essential so that you will a positive impression on them and they'll be delighted to accept the invitation.

4. Use and Match Colors

Colors are essential elements that can make anything look good. So, use them on your invitations. In choosing the right colors, you can choose from the fall color scheme online. However, you can always drift away from the fall color scheme if you want to. If you already chose colors for your wedding, then you can incorporate them into the wedding invitations. You can also try experimenting with colors that match and use them on your invitation card.

5. Download a Wedding Invitation Template

Weddings need a lot of planning and preparation. So, if you don't have a lot of time to start from scratch, then you should probably download a printable wedding invitation template. You can choose from the selection of creative invitation templates above. Pick the one that will best represent your wedding and download it. After that, you can edit it in Microsoft Publisher. Good luck!

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