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How to Make a Finance Statement in Apple Pages?

A financial statement is a formal record of the company's monthly or yearly financial activity. As viewed by many, it is an intimidating task. But do not be daunted if you have the responsibility to personally make your own financial statement even though it would require a complicated process to make. To make it easier for you, here are simple steps that you can follow to ake a finance statement in Apple Pages.

1. Prepare General Ledger (GL)

Prepare the verified general ledger of your company. If necessary, you can make adjustments for items such as depreciation and amortization or disorderly accounts. As the financial officer, you can review the general ledger to make sure that the purchases are in order and not include in other finance statements.

2. Develop the Balance Sheet

After preparing the GL, you can now compose your balance sheet through listing asset categories and liabilities and equity. For instance, you can put cash and receivable accounts for the assets; accounts and mortgages payable for liabilities; a capital stock or owner's capital in the equity. Be sure to properly label each item in the balance sheet so that the reader's of the financial statement will not be misled or confused.

3. Put the Monetary Value of the Items

Input each of the monetary value of the assets, liabilities, and equity accounts according to the listed items in the balance sheet. Accounting is necessary for this step. After all the amounts are calculated, verify the overall assets by adding the liabilities and equity.

4. Modify the Income Statement

To begin your income statement, record the total sales and subtract the returns and allowances. Afterwhich, subtract the value of the cost of goods sold. Cost of goods sold including materials, subcontractor pay, direct and basic labor, and other cost involved in a project. The result of the overall number will be labeled as gross profit.

5. Make a Checklist of Expenses

Prepare the meticulous list of all the general and administrative expenses. It would include the compensation for the officers, office salary, rent, dues and subscription, utilities, auto expense, depreciation and amortization expenses, bad debt expense, telephone expense, office expense, etc. Afterward, subtract all the general and administrative expenses to the gross profit to gain the net profit.

6. Get it Together

After all of the hard work to obtain the final number for your finance statement, you can now put it all together in a piece of document. Make Use of applications that would greatly help you and Apple Pages is one of them. Apple Pages is a powerful word processor that lets you create, edit, store files useful for your finance statement. Whether you are using Mac, iPad, iPhone or even using your PC, you can make your finance statements. You can make use of Apple Pages in making your finance statements as it has an advanced technology that can calculate your overall costing in just a snap!

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