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    How To Make A Finance In Apple Pages?

    A financial statement or report is an official and legal record of a company's financial transactions. In every penny spent in the company, it must be in the report or statement. It also embodies the gain and loss of the company in a certain period. As a financial officer, you need to make sure that company financial reporting is correct. Make your data concisely to avoid future problems that you may encounter. With that, let us help you excel with these tips that you can utilize in making any financial-related document in your company.

    1. Prepare Everything

    In means of everything, you need to launch your Apple Pages application on your Mac device. You also need to understand the basics of the balance sheet, income, and cash flow for your financial statement. You need to make a checklist about your company's assets, liabilities, shareholder's equity, and such. Financial planning is the key. You need to be fully equipped for successfully utilizing the next steps.

    2. Download Finance Templates is the best website go-to if you are struggling in making your financial statement. Whether you are calculating personal finance for making a budget, household budget or company finance, our templates have a versatile design that you can use for any purpose. As simple as it is, you can easily download it in your Mac device.

    3. Decide The Format

    For any finance statement, the general format and size orientation are essential. For your format, you can use a block or indention form for financial statements. There are three crucial parts for the financial statement— balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow. With that, it would be better if you use a block form. For the size orientation, you can utilize an A4 or US letter size for formality. But if you downloaded our templates, you do not need to worry about this! Our templates are designed for professional purposes, so the format and size orientation is preformatted.

    4. Write The Content

    Financial statements are composed of a balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income statement. For your balance sheet, you need to determine your assets and liabilities. You need to subtract your liabilities from your assets to obtain your balance sheet. For the cash flow statement, calculate the cash flows from operating services or investing services. Next, look for the available money in financing and finally, lay out the statement of the cash flows. For your income statement, you need to start with the net sales, calculate the gross profit, list the operating and non-operating expenses, and make your income statement.

    5. Proofread, Revise, Save And Produce

    Proofreading is essential in any financial statement you would make. Even a single typographical error in a number can ruin everything that would result in its failure. Make the checklist you made earlier as your guide in proofreading. Afterward, you can now polish your work. You need to make sure that it is presentable and hits the business standard document. Save your work and produce your financial statement.