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What Is a Flat Design Flyer?

A flat design flyer is an artistic paper document used by design companies to advertise and promote their flat designing services. If you're wondering what a flat designing service is, it's a design service that only uses minimal features such as various shapes, abstract art forms, colorful clip arts, and hand-drawn images. It's a method of design that steers away from the use of realistic and three-dimensional images and objects.

The result looks a bit cartoonish yet also elegant, modern-looking, and colorful. There are a lot of companies that avail of flat designing services for their business flyers, sales flyers, tri-fold flyers, spa flyers, brochures, vouchers, posters, and other marketing materials. Some of them make use of free tools that have flat designing capabilities such as flyer makers, brochure makers, flyer templates, and brochure templates.

How to Create a Flat Design Flyer

flat design flyer template

To help you to always be on your A-game against your competition in the field of flat designing, we have gathered a few tips on how to create enticing flat design flyers.

1. Use an Editing Software That's Flexible and User-Friendly

Among your top choices should be Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, MS Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages. These editing software tools have flexible features that allow you to personalize your simple flyer as much as you want. Plus, their user-friendliness makes them easier to navigate and operate compared to other editing software.

2. Attach High-Quality Images

You'll be advertising your expertise as a designer in your flyer, so it's necessary to use high-quality images on it. If not, then a potential client might have a bad impression since your sample flyer is of lousy quality. It doesn't give him/her any assurance that your flat designing services are reliable. The images you'll be attaching must be about design. It could be images of a computer screen displaying an ongoing flat designing task or images of minimalist art forms.

3. Write Informative Wording

Your flyer's wording or content must include the various platforms or documents that you create flat designs for. This could be for business flyers, brochures, vouchers, promotional posters, magazine covers, book covers, website interfaces, and many more. You can also add enticing texts stating the benefits should a potential client opt to avail of your services. This contributes to your flyer's promotional qualities.

4. Make Enhancements

To beautify your flyer, consider adding some enhancements to it. One of the ways that you can do this is to add minimalist art forms. It sounds about right since you'll be advertising your flat designing services. However, the most important factor that you must enhance is the color scheme as it's the most noticeable feature in a flyer. See to it that your flyer's color scheme is eye-pleasing and fits well with the overall design.

5. Print It and Get It Out There

If you see that your flat design flyer is already good enough, don't hesitate to print hundreds or thousands of copies of it. There might be other flat designers out there also seeking clients, and that means competition. So make sure to hand out your promotional flyers in well-trafficked places.

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