It was the Egyptians who were the first to use flower arrangements as decorations. Interestingly, up to this date, we still use flowers for different reasons. Aside from their lovely scents, flowers never fail to mesmerize people with their beauty. Also, a lot of people are fascinated with floral designs that they use them as invitation themes! If you're one of them, then pick from this garden of beautiful Ready-Made Floral Invitation Templates in Adobe Illustrator. These are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable. These are available in 5x7 inches + Bleed. Download one of these templates and fill your event with blossoming fun!

How to Create a Floral Invitation in Adobe Illustrator

According to Floral Daily, the USA spends around $26 billion floral products every year. This goes to show that flowers are trendy people. Interestingly, you can use flowers as decorations, gifts, and an expression of your emotions. However, these lovely flowers aren't only for these things, because you can also use them as a theme for your event invitations. If you're in for floral invitations but don't have one yet, then you can follow these tips below:

1. Download an Invitation Template

You can always start strong by using an invitation card template. Templates are time-saving and efficient. If you're interested in using a template, then you can choose from the templates above. There are wedding invitation templates, baby shower invitation templates, and more. After that, you can start editing the template in Adobe Illustrator. Moreover, you can now print the invitation template.

2. Incorporate Floral Designs

Since your central theme is floral, you have to display it on your invitation card design. Firstly, you need to decide what kind of flower you want the creative invitation should have. Also, you can always mix and match the type of flowers for the card. Also, you can decide where you want to place the floral decorations. You may use the floral design as your background or use it on the sides. Further, never wipe out the other content of the invitation with the floral design. As the invitation card maker, you need to keep things balanced. You have to balance the information on the invitation with the floral design.

3. Add Colors

Make your vintage floral wedding invitations, retirement party invitations, and other invitations appealing with the use of colors. Colors can beautify things. Also, the floral design becomes prettier with colors. Choose the kind of shade you want the invitation to have. You can use the actual pigments of the flowers and incorporate them as your color.

4. Put an Invitation Wording

On your party invitation wording, avoid being too wordy. You only need a few sentences and details. Never drown the invitation with too many words. Your simple invitation should be informational but concise. Always make sure that your wording will fit the event. Some events are casual, and some are formal. So, you need to know what kind of event you have to make the writing of the wording fit it. Further, you also need to make sure that your wording is going to be persuasive to your guests so that you can get them to attend.

5. Apply Engaging Typographies

Typographies are one of the elements that can make your invitation look good. But it would be best if you remembered that typographies should suit the event. For instance, a cursive font can represent a formal event like a wedding. Another thing, you have to make sure that your typographies will not be dull and boring. You also have to limit your use of these things. You can use three typographies for a single elegant invitation. Don't use more than the required number, or else your invitation might look cheap.

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