What Is a Football Flyer?

American football—also referred to as gridiron football—is one of the most famous sports in the US with over 37% of Americans saying that it is their favorite sport to watch. Even with its popularity, it is still essential that you promote football events effectively to notify people about it, and the most practical and inexpensive way of doing it is by using football flyers.

How to Make a Football Flyer in Adobe Illustrator

You might say that promoting football events with sports flyers is a surefire way to win over audiences, but this is not the case especially if the flyer design looks unprofessional. To make sure that your flyers get the attention it deserves, here are some guidelines that will help you in making effective and eye-catching football flyers in Illustrator.

1. Start by Planning

An organized event will most likely be a successful one, and its success will depend on how well the coordinators and organizers handled the preparation stage. Thoroughly think of several options that are very likely to be convenient and beneficial to you and your prospects. Start by figuring out the vital information such as the price of the admission tickets, date and time, name and address of the stadium, etc. Afterward, make a rough sketch to begin visualizing the design of your flyer.

2. Select a Template

Template.net contains a wide selection of football flyer templates available for you to use, simply go through our selection to pick out a template that perfectly works for you. Since you'll be using Adobe Illustrator, you'll be handling vector-based graphics which are fully editable and are capable of preserving quality despite all the changes applied to it. This is because unlike raster graphics that are made up of pixels, vectors are made up of paths that easily adapt to alterations.

3. Begin Crafting

By using Adobe Illustrator, you can start working on the design of your promotional flyer by putting together images and/or illustrations. Moreover, since flyers are compact and can only hold limited content, choosing carefully what to include is crucial to prevent cluttering the layout. Besides adding images, crafting your flyer also involves choosing a color scheme and font type that complements the rest of the design.

4. Content is Crucial

Considered as the most important element in professional flyers, your content should be informative and compelling enough for your readers. On other words, if the flyer design is exceptional, the text embedded should also acquire the same quality. With that said, make sure to write each detail carefully and to proofread it afterward. To sum up, your football flyer should indicate the event title with a tagline, date and time, location, contact details, and a call to action.

5. Save and Print

Save your work either in AI or in a different file format that allows you to easily print and share it with others. If you choose to print it, make sure to use a paper stock with good quality to maintain its quality. However, with the rising popularity of social media marketing, you can also choose to put up your flyers on your social media page.

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