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How to Make a Football Ticket in Illustrator

A football ticket is a printed stub or cardboard paper that functions as an admission ticket to a game or other football-related or themed events. It provides information on seating, the number of admissions, date, time, and location of a game or event. Tickets are even collected as memorabilia by many to remind them of essential occasions and experiences. To create a fantastic DIY football ticket for your attendees and guests, we made the guidelines below to help you get started.

1. Associate Yourself With the Event Audience

The right way to create a ticket that is both effective and attractive is knowing what your audience would like to see. Put yourself in the shoes of an audience and ask yourself, "what do I want to see and read in this ticket?" Visualize your ticket the best way possible by outlining.

2. Prepare an Excellent Layout

When starting on design, your priority is to provide your editable ticket with a great layout to get all design elements consistent and balanced with each other. If you want to utilize both front and back sides of the ticket, then you need to think about two different layouts befitting for their purpose. Consider the size of your ticket as well, so you will have an idea of how your design would fit in it. The arrangement is an excellent factor in creating a first-class ticket. If you are not familiar with layouts and compositions, you can see samples online or research about the rules.

3. Use Minimal Colors

For some people, it would be nice if the content of the ticket can be easily read without straining the eyes. The reason why some printable ticket is unreadable is in the poor usage of colors in the design. For your ticket to be a pleasing visual, avoid putting too many colors together. Or better, do use light-colored palettes to make your content visible on the surface. Use one to two colors at most. If you want to use dark and strong colors, make sure that you choose a contrasting color on your fonts to balance it.

4. Select Fonts and Images

Next, you need to choose a font for your content. Since you have a limited amount of space for each side, select a noticeable typeface that is easy to read even in small size. Like your colors, keep your choices down to two. The uniform look in the entry will make it look spacious. Highlight essential content in bold.

If you wish to incorporate a photo, you can use vector photos of football. If it is for an event such as a birthday, you can include a picture of a cake, a ball, or a digitized photograph of the celebrant.

5. Examine Your Content Entry

Before printing out your ticket, check out every single detail. For a game ticket, check whether you have entered the right date, time, location, price, and the number of admitted people per ticket. This is also applicable to any football-themed event. If you are using the backside to get the necessary information for your attendees or guests, in case you have a raffle going on, see if you have included fillable spaces for contact number and signature, as well as terms and conditions that they should adhere to.

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