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How to Make a Health Flyer in Apple Pages?

A health flyer, just like a brochure and a poster, is a printed ad that contains health-related services, wellness campaigns, and awareness. The flyer aims to promote such services further and spread the campaign and awareness farther. According to, with the rise of obesity cases in America, the American community are slowly catching up in their health advances and are more conscious in taking care of themselves. This information gives more importance to health flyers as it gives a chance for people to stay aware and educated in health services and campaigns. So here are the steps in making a health flyer.

1. Think of an Objective

Making a health flyer does benefit not only the company but also the targetted audience. That fact makes it more necessary for a striking and relevant objective since it is a flyer that is for everyone. Some flyers focus on specific themes and topics; some of these are the mental health, medical insurances, kids or pediatrics healthcare, school nutrition, healthy lifestyle, senior healthcare, dental, or any particular diseases. The objective is not only meant for business promotions, but it also serves as health awareness. Even if the flyers are intended to endorse a particular health clinic, that can also be seen as another avenue to get a check-up. Since health is an enormous matter for humans, people can not help but read and be informed.

2. Know the Target Audience

The primary significance of using flyers as a tool for promotions is it concerns a targetted audience. Even if health is every single one's concern, that does not mean that everyone is concerned over the same health topic. Some topics are only applicable to a specific audience, most especially, diseases. Some matter does and does not apply to some people, that is how you determine your target audience. For example, gym flyers may look and sound like something that everyone is interested in since it is a healthy practice; however, not everyone goes to the gym. That leaves gym-goers as your target audience. Although focusing on a targetted audience might come off as too classified, but it gives more assurance to the company.

3. Make a Meaningful Content

The difference in health flyers from the usual flyers is health flyers also educate people since health is everyone's concern. So, to make use of that difference, think of meaningful content that can benefit everyone. Even if you are promoting a specific clinic, make sure to give details that are useful for everyone. It does not only make your flyer informative but also trivial.

4. Design with Relevance

The design of a health flyer varies on the kind of health flyer. Some flyers do not need fancy and complex designs to consider its formality and professionalism, just like health insurance flyers. However, you can still be creative for other types of health flyers. You can be playful with kids healthcare, lifestyle, or any informal type of health flyers. You can also play with text arrangements as it also contributes to the design.

5.Actualize the Content and Design

After planning the content and design, it is time to concretize these. In your Mac, open Apple Pages and resize the flyer to 4in x 6in or 5in x 7inches. Then, insert the designs that you planned. Make sure that the colors complement each other to keep the aesthetic harmony of the design. After that, insert the content. Insert the necessary information about the event or service. There are also samples and health flyer templates online for reference.

6.Print the Flyer and Distribute

Recheck the printed ad for any errors and unnecessary information. Finalize everything and save. Afterward, print the health flyer and distribute to the targetted audience.

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