Eating is one of the things that make people happy and keep them alive. So, use this opportunity to highlight your business through food. You can do this by giving and selling food gift vouchers! For that, choose a template from our collection of Ready-Made Food Gift Voucher Templates in Microsoft Publisher. These templates are printable and editable. They are available in 8.5x4 inches + Bleed. Each is beautifully designed for your business. What are you waiting for? Download one now and help people send delicious gifts to others!

How to Make a Food Gift Voucher in Microsoft Publisher

Research says that people left billions of amount of gift cards or gift vouchers unspent. But, this shouldn't terrify your business at all. Of course, your food gift voucher can still sell. Statistics say that billions of gift vouchers will sell because there was an upward growth trend for it. Now that you know these facts, it's time to focus on making fantastic food gift cards that will surely make your customers hungry and happy. This article can help with that, so refer to the tips below in making your food gift voucher:

1. Add Delicious Pictures

People can go hungry, even by looking at a photograph of food. So, use this as an advantage and put food from your menu (e.g., pizza.) This way, there's a bigger chance that they'll visit the place.

2. Showcase the Offer

The first thing that people should notice in your simple voucher is the offer or discount. The digits of your offer can do a lot, so it's best to showcase it. Use a bold font style to keep the numbers highlighted.

3. Use White Space

Make your voucher design look neat and legible by using white space. The white space can help emphasize the content of your card.

4. Include Voucher Details

Only put the necessary details on your voucher. These information are the voucher promo code or coupon code, terms, and validity.

5. Input Company Details

If you want customers to keep in touch with your fast food or restaurant, then don't forget to put your contact details. If they enjoyed their meal, most likely, they're going to go back for more and call or visit again.

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