In the mouth and the tongue may be the food’s direct destination, but a person can judge promptly a particular food based on its visual representation. Especially to a specific first-timer for a specific cuisine, visual criticization can be a great factor in his or her decisions. Promote them well with the paramount exquisiteness of aesthetic quality through our wide range of original Free Ready-Made Food Lookbook Templates in InDesign! Choose the template that you’re most preferred below as everything is professionally made with high-quality CMYK Color in 300 DPI Resolution through unlimited downloads! It’s user-friendly editable feature will allow you to incorporate your unique deals seamlessly! Download and use it now to hunger your audiences’ eyes!

How to Make a Food Lookbook in Indesign

Yes, designing a food lookbook, or food catalog is really overwhelming. Many designers will admit that! While there are over a million restaurants being operated in the United States alone, as stated in, standing out can be quite a fussy issue. Thus, the availability of templates online is a significant help so you can maneuver it on your own. Nevertheless, comprehensive guidelines should be yours to review so you can entirely and swiftly start on your own. Here are our sharp vital points in helping you create high-quality food lookbook.

1. Shot Professionally

Since a lookbook primarily comprises a majority of photos rather than wordings, you must ensure that the photos to be used must be taken professionally. If you have the skills to do such, good for you as you can hands-on playing with it. If not, don’t worry. There are a lot of professional photographers out there you can run to. It is crucial to incorporate professionally taken photos into your food lookbook as the images are your prime driving tool in appetizing your viewers or potential customers. These images are the major contributors to delivering your exquisite cuisines as you excite their visual and oral sensors.

2. Stimulate Your Copy

A rule of thumb for lookbooks is their short-length in word content. As you provide per food article its product descriptions, compose them comprehensively, concisely, and strikingly. Your product/food descriptions must support your graphics in communicating the taste, aroma, texture, and overall distinctiveness. Remember that the word choice is highly crucial as vital with the images. It must not route your potential customers to vagueness, confusion, or false hopes. Stay true to your food descriptions. A disappointed customer due to misleading product descriptions may influence other potential customers. Review your wordings, yet, strategically spell them out appealingly.

3. Feature Expressions

Your main product or focus maybe is the food, but your branding lookbook does not necessarily have to be just the food. Include personas in your food lookbook. Allocate some pages within the layout where real people are actually enjoying the food. This will be the symbolism of your testimonials. This aids your readers in wanting to know what the food will look like when taken. Adding “models” or even just simple people on your lookbook establishes your lookbook’s sense of encouragement, sympathy, and engagement.

You can also introduce your proper target audience here. If you have food that’s made for the elders, you may include an old lady enjoying a healthy cuisine. If there are plant foods, then you can feature a vegan guilt-free taking the food.

4. Complement the Cuisines

Let us not forget what's the prime purpose of your food lookbook, a marketing campaign, same with other print materials such as brochures and flyers. You are also building your brand. By this material, you can strategically upsell and cross-sell your food offerings or ideas. Upsell means your enticing suggestion on purchasing a certain more costly item than the cheaper one because of its reasonable benefits. Cross-sell is when you also enticingly suggest that this particular item is better when paired with this another item. Surprisingly, this can work well on your food lookbook also! Study carefully on how you can promote a particular food. You can look into its state-of-the-art flavor, nutritional benefits, longevity, and others. Moreso, strategically market also on how a specific food is best when paired with one of your delightful desserts and beverages!

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