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How to Create a Food Flyer in InDesign

Humans have to eat to survive. For those who have the cash to spare, it becomes part of merrymaking rather than a basic need. In fact, ABC Action News reported that there are 84.8 million U.S. adults who consume fast food every day. As a food business owner, that's an excellent opportunity for you to target and attract a wide audience.

Using a flyer is one of the tools used for food and services promotion. Flyers are especially very helpful for food businesses when they want to update potential customers on a new food product, effectively communicate the qualities and benefits of a specific food, and inform customers where they can buy the food.

In order to create your desired food flyer, download, and launch InDesign and start with a blank document template. According to the American Graphics Institute, InDesign is a desktop publishing software application for creating flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books. Make use of its graphics and design tools, and apply the tips we provided below.

1. Choose a Theme or Motif

Before you start on the actual process of creating your food flyer, decide on a theme first. It will be the basis of what designs, texts, and photos you need to include on your food flyer. For instance, your business is a fast-food restaurant. Include all the foods and snacks you offer in a fast food flyer. Meals could be pizza, salad, or burger.

According to a news article from The Richest, the United States is consuming the world's fast food. Burgers are the most prevalent kind of fast food, which accounts for over 50% of the country's total fast food expenditure.

2. Incorporate Photos

Designing an eye-catching food flyer template would not be complete without incorporating some photos of your healthy and mouth-watering dishes and desserts. Pick photos with high-quality. Your food flyer will be ineffective if your potential customers do not remember it. With the problem of short attention span, it is easy to forget information.

Researches reveal that a human brain does not only process visuals faster but also maintain and relay much more information when it is transmitted visually. In fact, it processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Statistics on the Importance of Visual Content show that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. So, it would be best to integrate photos and visual content on your desired food flyer template.

3. Write a Catchy Headline

Just like a poster, your flyer needs to have a brief and catchy headline. It is one of the essential parts. You only have eight seconds to hook your audience to focus on your flyer. In writing your headline, make it simple and powerful as possible. Highlight something that truly benefits to your potential customers. Emphasize discounts if available. If it's done well, your sales will surely boost!

4. Download an Editable Food Flyer Template

Having a hard time crafting your own food flyer template? You are welcome to check out the templates provided on this website. Download and customize to make it your own. If you also need a food menu template, feel free to search here.

6. Print

Before getting it on print, review your work. Check for some glaring errors and correct those right away. After that, it's time to print your food flyer template. It is recommended to use sturdier paper stock to ensure quality.

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