A restaurant menu can either be boring or phenomenal. As a striving restaurateur, of course, you don't want to have a boring menu for your delicious food items. Revamp your food menu and create a masterpiece that will please everyone, even the most meticulous critic. Do you fancy French aesthetic and elegance? Hit two goals with one menu design! This site will give you access to beautifully designed French menu templates, all ready for download through Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Word, Publisher and Apple Pages . You can definitely save time and effort if you use a ready-made menu template. With our 100% customizable and highly editable templates, you can revamp your menu while channeling the beauty of French cuisine. 

What is a French Menu?

It is a menu designed to take inspiration from the French style and elegance. This menu offers the same function as the other sample menus, but what sets it apart is the aesthetic and beauty.

How to Create a Classic French Menu

french menu template

Generally, a menu is a printed or digital material that enumerates all the food and drinks choices in a restaurant, a food shop, a cafe, and other food establishments. This article will help you create a menu for your authentic or reinvented French food, desserts, and appetizers. Check out the suggestions below, and start making your creative menu suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

1. Draw in a Design Inspiration

Since you are making a French Menu, think about the inspiration you want to draw in for the design process. There are so many to choose from, it can be the romantic aura of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the next level fashion industry, the great landmarks, and architecture, or the culinary wonders. A French menu can be used for an authentic French restaurant or it can be used by any restaurant that just wants to channel the wonders of France into their respective menu board.

2. Place Design Elements Correctly

Carefully plot out the design elements to carry out a comprehensive menu. In order to extract the exact French feel, use the design inspiration you have decided out from your research. Never hesitate to get creative because practicing it will harness your skills. Create something worth every effort to arrive at a pleasing finished product. In designing a classic French menu, use the elegant fonts styles and borders. Creative typography can also be done to add more beauty. Moreover, you have to pick out a classic color scheme to be used for the overall layout.

3. Type in the Menu Items

The food and drink items must be typed into the menu. As you incorporate the content, make the fonts legibly clear and comprehensive which makes it an elegant menu. Put enough space between each food item to create a good flow of elements. Crowded menu pages are unclean and unprofessional to look at. Arrange everything in a logical manner to help customers navigate through the menu with ease.

4. Add Prices and Descriptions

Prices and food descriptions should not be left out when one makes a menu. Some of your customers want transparency when they order food. The prices will help them map out their budget plan, and the food descriptions will help them visualize what the food would look or taste like. Food images could also be added for better design and description purposes.

5. Review the Content then Print

After you have successfully designed your French-inspired menu, it’s time to look at it again to finalize every detail and design. Review if everything is correct, concise, complete, and comprehensive. When you come up with satisfying and effective menu design, it’s the right time to print your food and/or drinks menu. To save up on resources, it's highly suggested that you use good quality materials when printing. Your French menu should withstand the test of time and be durable enough to last long.

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