While the video game industry is relatively young, it quickly became a mainstay of modern entertainment. Each game development project is a culmination of various crafts, from music composition to AI programming. And to coordinate all that, a well-organized worker structure is important. So, if you run your own developer team or publishing brand, consider using our Gaming Organizational Chart Templates. Improve your game design work by drafting a diagram for your company’s hierarchy. Our professional samples are 100% customizable in Apple Pages, so Mac users can use them without any fuss. Don’t delay and download now—create the next Triple-A hit with the help of our original content!

How to Make a Gaming Organizational Chart in Apple Pages

Does your gaming company have a release deadline to meet? If so, it’s important to keep your team coordinated with an organizational chart. An article from Investopedia (a business and finance resource) explains that an organogram works by using simple shapes for displaying each member’s name and position. This makes the diagram very easy to set up and convey to your peers.

Whether you’re working on a mobile roguelike or a VR simulator, an organizational chart is just what you need to keep your gaming staff in check. And we have several handy tips (below) on making your own using Apple Pages!

1. Construct Your Organizational Chart in a Page Layout

For creating your gaming organizational chart, setting the document to a page layout is necessary. This allows for an easier time using graphical objects in the document.

Open a blank file in Apple Pages and then access the Drawing menu in the side toolbar. In the menu, turn off the Document Body checkbox (confirm switching to a page layout document if prompted).

2. Insert a Text Box for Your Chart’s Title

When sharing your chart with fellow game developers, making the contents immediately identifiable is imperative. So, at the top of your document page, write down a descriptive title using a text box.

Click the Text option (in the above toolbar) to place a text box in the aforementioned location. As for the title itself, write something similar to “Character Rendering Division” or “Casino Simulator - Development Team.”

3. Add Shapes to Your Gaming Organizational Chart

Regarding the production members in your hierarchy, your chart document needs shapes when mentioning them. Use the Shape menu in the above toolbar.

In the Shape menu, pick one of the simple shapes (like the oval or rectangle) as the start. Next, place the first shape in the desired spot before labeling it. Start with whoever has the highest authority (e.g., lead artist, marketing director), continuing with the other employees along with their own shapes. Feel free to mix and match other basic shapes together for better visualization.

4. Complete Your Gaming Organizational Chart with Some Lines

Lines are another requirement for your gaming chart. These lines show the hierarchical relationships between staff members in your structure. Add lines to your diagram by using the Insert menu (at the top of Pages).

Highlight two shapes at once by CMD+clicking them. Afterward, Go to Insert > Line before choosing one of the Connection options. Both selected shapes are now connected by a special Connection Line, which adjusts itself whenever either shape is repositioned.

And that’s that for our tips! With what you’ve learned, creating a game development diagram is now much easier. Finally, to further expedite your work, feel free to use our Gaming Organizational Chart Templates!

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