Whether you’re preparing a birthday party, high school reunion, or farewell dinner, sending invitations is always a classy way of welcoming your guests. If you need easily editable materials to design your cards, then go ahead and download our Get Together Invitation Templates. All of our samples come with 100% customizable content for your convenience. And you can download them in various formats for different applications (including Mac Pages and Microsoft Publisher). Download while you can and quickly prepare invitations for any special occasion!

How to Make Get-Together Invitations

Sending invitations for a big gathering has been a staple practice ever since the early days of human civilization. As Express (a UK-based publication) explains in an article, the earliest known party invitation was sent sometime around AD100.

From office events to summer BBQs, printable invitations work well for a wide variety of get-togethers. If you’re interested in making designs of your own, consider reading our tips right below.

1. Consider What Size to Give Your Get-Together Invitations

First, after opening a new document in your application, you need to decide on how large to make your invitation design. For the most convenient measurements, go with either A4 or US letter (depending on which is more common in your area region). Afterward, apply 1-inch margins and a 1/8-inch bleed area.

2. Use Thematic Images in Your Invitation Design

Impressing your invitees is part of why you send invitations for your get-together. To achieve this, implement professional photos and illustrations in your design. However, besides image quality, your pictures should also match your specific gathering. For example, use depictions of balloons, streamers, and so on for a birthday party.

3. Add Complementary Graphic Designs

Graphic renders are necessary to further enhance your get-together invitations’ aesthetics. Keep your design from looking too cluttered by incorporating simple vector-style graphics. Apply your graphical designs mainly in the invitation’s borders and any suitable negative space.

4. Incorporate Attractive Font in Your Get-Together Invitations

The typography in your get-together invitations also contributes to the overall look. And so, enter your written content (time, date, venue, etc.) using font styles and colors that go well with the other visual elements in your invitation design.

And that’s the last of our tips! Don’t forget to pair your creative get-together invitations with match9ing envelopes when distributing them.

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