Greeting cards are perfect for composing a heartfelt message in a simple yet beautiful package. If you want to make custom prints of your own, then go ahead and download our Greeting Card Templates. With our highly versatile materials, you can quickly put together greeting cards for all kinds of occasions—from a wedding anniversary to a birthday. And you won’t have trouble with compatibility, as our printable samples are downloadable as PDF files. Grab a template today and easily express yourself for any event!

How to Make a Greeting Card in PDF

The history of greeting cards goes all the way back to ancient China and Egypt (as the Greeting Card Association points out). Ever since then, greeting cards have become a staple in celebrating holidays and other kinds of special events.

Do you need to make a greeting card design that’s easily shareable across different platforms? If so, then considering reading our tips (below) on how to make your materials in PDF.

1. Prepare Your Greeting Card’s General Layout

First, you need a processing application that lets you save your greeting card design as a PDF file. Fortunately, many of the usual choices(like MS Word and Apple Pages) have this feature.

Start putting together your design by giving it a proper size. The standard sizes (in inches) for greeting cards are 4.25” x 5.5”, 4.5” x 6.25”, and 5” x 7”.

2. Utilize Appealing Imagery in Your Greeting Card Design

You can take advantage of drawings, photos, and other images to make your greeting card look pleasing. When preparing your visuals, make sure they’re thematically appropriate for your design. For instance, when designing a card for Christmas, opt for pictures depicting snowmen, candy canes, Santa Claus, etc.

3. Enhance Your Greeting Card’s Visuals Using Custom Graphics

Presentation is key to your greeting card’s design, which means incorporating professional graphic renders. Go with a simple vector style for broad appeal while using colors associated with the holiday or your company.

4. Pay Attention to Your Greeting Card’s Font

Your greeting card’s text is also a component of its overall aesthetic. When designing your typography, aim for font colors and sizes that harmonize with the card design’s other visual elements.

Now you can design a greeting card for expressing happy wishes in a creative format! Remember to download our printable Greeting Card Templates to complement your design process!

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