Do you run a brand/store that sells goods or provides services and are looking to increase your revenue for the upcoming holiday season? Gift certificates are a good way of raking in more profit, granting patrons another way to do business with you. If you’re having trouble composing a gift card or voucher by yourself, then download one of our Ready-Made Holiday Gift Certificate Templates! Each professional design is useful as they are printable, 100% customizable for your convenience, and compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Our easily-editable templates are crafted to meet industry standards, available in 8.5x11 inches and CMYK color space with 300 DPI resolution. So, download now and prepare your spa, salon, or boutique with some winter gift coupons!

How To Make Holiday Gift Certificates in Photoshop

A gift card or gift certificate is a great way of providing your customers with an option if they can’t decide what to get their friends or family for Christmas or other winter holidays. Plus, by having this type of voucher available to them, increases the potential of higher profits for your business! As a matter of fact, back in 2018, it was expected that a sum of about 27.6 billion USD would be earned through gift certificates during the holiday season alone (according to

And, even though there are plenty of naysayers that go against the seemingly-lazy choice of gift cards, there’s still a large demographic who are genuinely eager to get them as presents. With the convenience that they offer to their receivers, it’s hard to deny how much appeal there actually is behind having a certificate or coupon to spend; from being able to pick something out yourself, to stocking up on these vouchers for the right time to use.

However, if it seems too hard to compose a card or certificate design for your own establishment, then let us help out with our ready-made Holiday Gift Certificate Templates! With our handy samples, you’ll have some presentable material good to go in no time. Plus, you can check out our tips (below) on how to use Adobe Photoshop to easily customize our templates.

1. Pick Out a Suitable Certificate Design

Looking for something sleek and elegant? What about a more traditional yuletide theme? Browse through our set of holiday gift certificate templates and you’ll find a healthy selection of different designs to choose from. Try not to rush your decision and really think about which sample matches your idea the best!

2. Customize Your New Template in Adobe Photoshop

Once you’ve chosen a sample and downloaded it, it’s time to boot up Photoshop and get creative. All of our gift certificate designs are put together to ensure easy editing and customization, so there’s no need to feel intimidated by the task. Give your ideas a chance and see how far you can personalize the template’s overall look!

Making your coupon or certificate look good is one thing, but you still need to fill it up with proper writing. Do an online search for some useful tools that’ll help you compose well-written content; you can easily find something like a grammar checker and other helpful software. And don’t be shy about coming up with some charming or witty dialog to accompany all the technical details.

3. Do a Bit of Reviewing

Now, after creating your gift voucher draft, don’t finalize your work just yet. Go over the design and written content as a whole to check if any change or corrections are necessary. After you’re through with that, go ahead and save the final changes you’ve made.

4. A Convenient Choice for Winter Occasions

With your design completed and ready, you can now print as many certificates as your business needs. Make your own special coupons or vouchers without breaking a sweat by using our many holiday templates!

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