What is Pentecost Sunday?

Christmas and Easter are popular Christian holidays for the Catholic Church, the Pentecosts, and the Methodists (example are United Methodists) but there is another one which weighs the same as the two within the religion's history, and that is the Pentecost Sunday. Although not that popular, this holiday exists to commemorate the instance when the Holy Spirit poured power to the new believers back in the first century A.D. (see Acts 2)

How to Create a Pentecost Sunday Template?

Although the hype is maybe on, preparing for a celebration is always tricky. That's why we have some steps down below to help you finish that perfect brochure, card, or flyer template for your upcoming holiday. Creating a model is good because it means that you can use it again on the next holiday or soon. You will always be prepared when you have a template available.

1. Decide on Your Intended Piece

You might want to create a poster, an email newsletter, or a social media template. Having a ready-made copy is good. With enough variety, you can always be on the go. Do people need a poster? Then you can pull up one. A Flyer? Easy. You can skip the stress of making something from scratch when you already have one. So, you should decide what kind of a template you want to create for now.

2. Identify Your Readers

With your intention set, it is now time to determine the individuals who will receive or read the material. If you are a church or a religious organization, your readers are diverse in both age and sex. That's why you should try to consider your readers by making your text bigger for the older generation of the group to read the fonts well. Make the title simple also to convey information to those who are still young easily. By identifying your readers, you can be sure that everyone will be happy and will feel welcomed at the time of the celebration.

3. Collect Necessary Things

With your goals set, you can go ahead and prepare for whatever things you need. Do you need an Instagram Ad to capture the people or just the same old flyers? Make sure to adequately prepare yourself in making your template and preparing for the upcoming celebration. Collect the materials needed to do the things you wanted to create.

4. Make Your Draft

Making your draft is essential. No master could create a masterpiece on the first try. While creating your first draft, be sure to experiment on what you're working on at the moment. It is through step by step mistakes that we learn, and we improve. Keep growing. If you are good at using Adobe Photoshop, but you want to add some things that the program is not offering, then why not use another program, like Adobe Illustrator, for example.

5. Stay Relevant

For this particular holiday, it's all about the religious heritage of Christianity. So, if this is the case, you might want to add a note that people should do their prayers before coming to church for them to see more themselves as blessed. You should also add something to your piece other than texts. Remember to include a background or contain some adorable clipart that's more or less connected with the holiday theme. Overall, it would be best if you stay relevant to the topic.

6. Create And Perfect

Lastly, you can do proofreading before printing, or printing and proofreading after. Both ways have their pros and cons. Proofreading first before print might save you some ink and materials, but you wouldn't see the colors as the light shines on them. Although for social media posts, this is the right choice. It's impossible to publish a YouTube video or an animated craft after all. Printing first and proofreading after is suitable for optimizing colors on printed materials. After finishing everything, you can go ahead and distribute your flyer, or brochure, or if you have an online medium, you go and post it to celebrate the Pentecost Sunday.

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