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What is a House Real Estate Flyer?

A house real estate flyer is a piece of paper containing images and pieces of information about a certain house available for sale. It is the cheapest and effective way to introduce the house to potential buyers as it is a traditional way. As a realtor, always welcome marketing opportunities that would effectively grow your business.

How to Create a House Real Estate Flyer

If you want your flyer as something that your customers won't toss into the bin even before reading it, you need to make sure that you follow certain tips. With an almost endless amount of readily available promotional flyer in the market, how would you make your house real estate flyer stand out? Well, to help you with that, here are steps to achieve it.

1. Write an Eyecatching Headline

In writing your property flyer headline, you can include one or two premium service or promo to immediately grab the customer's attention. It would be a great addition for them to consider buying a house from you. For instance, if you are selling a house, you can indicate ''4 Bedroom Spanish Style House with Horizontal Overview of the Lake Jordan."

2. Indicate High-Quality and Interesting Photos

Images are viewed as eye candies. Before the content, a customer would land their eyes first on the photographs indicated. You can include high-quality photos showing the interior and exterior of the house you are selling. You can add sample photos for the house that you wanted to sell. Consider staging your photos to make it look commercial. Also, to enhance the photo, you can include borders and writing captions. Buyers would want to know what they are looking at. Showing instead of telling is more interesting.

3. Keep the Content Brief and Concise

Instead of using long paragraphs, you can use bullet points to systematically present your ideas. In that way, you can also emphasize each and every detail of your content. It would also be easier for the reader to understand your house real estate flyer.

4. Use Sale Language

Remember that your house comes with the dreams of your aspiring customers. Use sale language that would help your customer to imagine themselves living in the luxury house you wanted to sell. For instance, instead of saying ''animal/pet's park included'' you can say ''you can walk your pets in the park safely."

5. Include Personal Information

If your customers are interested in the house that you are selling, they would want to reach out to you immediately. To make it happen, indicate your personal information, contact details, email address, or company's website.

6. End your Flyer with a Good Note

Customers are really interested if they reach into this section. End your professional flyer with a Call-to-Action. You can invite them to an open house or they can schedule for a showing today. Share a sense of urgency to your customers to make a quick sale.

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