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How to Create a College ID Card in MS Word

College ID cards play an important and crucial role especially in schools, campuses, or any academic institutions since there are recently reported cases of violence not only from the outside but also from within the premises. Implementing an effective student ID card system will help lessen these intolerable events from happening. To be able to design a potently effective ID card or badge, you need to carefully consider all the important elements before you start creating one. We enumerate a couple of steps to help you design your own college or university ID card.

1. Decide on the Format

Choose a college ID card format or design that will embody your school's identity. It should contain information and details that are relevant and specific to your organization. The concept of the college ID card design should match with the color scheme and the branding of your institution. It should also have a distinct security feature and should be exclusive to your school or organization only.

2. Gather the Needed Data

Create a list or a worksheet where you can write down the necessary data and save it for record-keeping. Collect all the information that you will add to your teacher and/or student ID card or ID badges such as the first and last name of the cardholder, his/her contact details, the ID card number, the emergency contact person and number, the name of the school and the school year the student is currently enrolled to.

3. Get a Suitable Template for the ID Card

Now that you already collected all the information, let's start making the draft of the ID badge. Use a sample reference to select the right card design and format. Look for a suitable college ID card maker online or, better yet, download a sample college ID card template that is customizable and can be edited easily. Download the software or the template and save it.

4. Customize and Add the Contents

Using the ID card maker or the sample student ID card template, begin adding the information that you acquired from each individual to their designated spaces. Adjust and alter the formatting according to your desired layout and use a vibrant color scheme to enhance its appearance. Don't forget to add your school's logo or emblem to make the student ID card more unique and recognizable. Incorporate the terms and conditions together with other supplementing details at the back of the badge and add ample space for the signatories.

5. Include Security Features

Based on the recent study made by one of the global leaders in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services, Michigan, among all states in the US, holds the highest per capita rate of reported identity theft (ID) complaints followed by Florida, California, Maryland and Nevada.

With this in mind, you should include several security features into every ID card or badge that you are making. RFID (radio frequency identification), QR codes, and bar codes are amongst the most used safety features in almost all establishments, whether in business, academic institutes, or any organization.

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