How To Create A Corporate ID Card In Adobe InDesign

Like any other IDs, a corporate ID card's function is to identify the data of an employee or a member that involves in a business, organization, or entity. In an organization or institution set-up, an ID card is a very vital tool to enhance the security of the establishment itself. That is why here in, we want to help you achieve your desired security plan for your corporate institution. Down below, we included tips on how you can craft an effective and efficient ID card for your company, so feel free to refer to our guide.

1. Choose An Editing Application

For your ID card layout and design use, find the best editing application that would fit your editing comfort. Adobe InDesign offers high-quality and standard editing tools that are necessary for your identification card layout. But if you choose to download our available identity card templates above, all of them are compatible in formats available in your software.

2. Prioritize Security Measures

Before starting the layout process for your ID card, plan first the security measures and of your card. With the high advancement of technology in this era, there are numerous ways of how to make your identity card more secure — ways like adding holographic overlaminates, variable devices (OVDs), or serial code.

3. Determine Your ID Card's Size And Orientation

In crafting your ID card, it is also vital that you should also determine the right size and orientation for your use. There are different available standard sizes for an ID. The standard one and most popular ID card size are about 3.375″ x 2.125″, but if you choose to have a smaller scale, it will run at around 3.303″ x 2.051″. Carefully pick the best size for your identification card for it will determine the amount of design objects that you want to incorporate to your layout. Additionally, also determine the orientation for your card, whether landscape or portrait.

4. Layout Your Identification Card

A corporate ID card doesn't need to be plain and simple. You can also incorporate creativity upon crafting them. Pick the best design element that will suit your card. Make use of high-quality vector, images, color scheme, and typography. Speaking of the typography, make sure that you'll use a font style that is readable and clear. It is also highly suggested that you'll incorporate fewer wordings in your ID card.

5. Review The Details

To ensure your ID card's efficiency, make sure to review the vital details. Details such as the company name, name of the employee, contact details, emergency contact person, card design and the ID card's serial number should be reviewed thoroughly.

6. Produce Your ID Card

After the necessary edits and review, now is the time where you can already produce your ID cards. Choose the best print card quality for your ID. Since most of the ID cards are printed in plastic ABS, PVC, and Composite PVC, it is best if you visit your local print shop for better print quality.

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