Here are professionally-designed templates that can help you create eye-catching and creative ID cards for your company, school, or organization. These Ready-Made Creative Templates are compatible in all versions of Adobe Photoshop. Choose a design you like and get to create an identification card that has all the necessary information about a student, employee, or member. These templates are easily editable and 100% customizable, allowing users to personalize the file’s contents to suit their preferences fully. It’s quick, easy, convenient, and gets the job done. They are also printable and can be shared digitally. What are you waiting for? Download today!

How to Make a Creative ID Card in Photoshop

A creative ID card is an identity document that proves the identity of a person. It is sometimes called an identity card and is in a small size. Usually, it is issued by a company, government, university, and any business that wants to have a secured facility. ID cards come in different names depending on their usage, some of them are called as company id, membership id, service card, or employee card. Creating an ID card needs a lot of things since this needs to be unique to be secured to avoid having a fake ID. With the help of our templates above, your creative ID Card will be successful and to have a total packaged; we have steps below to guide you in your process. Just follow the few steps below.

1. Determine the Purpose

What is the purpose of your ID Card? Is it for security purposes? For membership? Determine first the use of your ID Card so that you will have an idea of what to include on the ID and what design you will have. Knowing your purpose will guide you on what things you will be adding in your ID.

2. Choose a Size and Layout

Since you already have the use of your ID card, it is now time to decide the size and layout. The most common ID Card size is 3.370 inches wide and 2.125 inches high. And the thickness is 0.030 inches or "30 mils". As for the format, there is two standard ID card format. It is the vertical and horizontal id card format.

3. Add Information

The information that needs to be in the ID is the complete name, address, contact number, and emergency person's name and contact information. That details need to be always present in any IDs. The other information that you can add depending on the usage of the ID is the company name, school name, and the person's position like a student or an employee. Also, do not forget to have the signature of the owner of the ID.

4. Create the Design

In making the design, this includes the company or academy logo, the person's face, and the formatting of the ID. Inserting the logo and the owner's face is for more secured purposes. Make sure that the image of the owner that you are going to use has a formal face expression. After that, you format on where to place the information and the image on the ID. The necessary information, like the name and position together with the face and the logo, will be better to be placed on the front. The other details, like the signature and the contact information, will be at the back. Remember to use fonts that are readable and formal. For convenient editing, use Photoshop since the software is user-friendly.

5. Insert a Bar Code

The Bar Code is useful in making your ID more secure. You can place a customized bar code at the bottom of the ID that will be useful for scanning upon entering the premises of the company or university. Inserting bar codes will avoid people from making fake IDs.

6. Print using PVC Plastic

The owner will always wear the ID, so it needs to be durable so that it will not be easily destroyed. Use PVC card in printing since it is a flexible and durable plastic that is perfect for an ID. Do not forget to place holes at the top or side of your ID so that you can insert the lanyard.

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